CBU MSW students in our “Trauma in Children” social work class recently worked on public service videos to bring awareness to child abuse and other situations that may result in traumatic responses in children.

As we wrapped up Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, it is important to share information about what child abuse is so that we can bring awareness.

There were so many great videos! Check out a few of them below:

Jessica Jones (Adverse Childhood Experiences): https://youtu.be/M_DfgpIn-54

Saundra Wade: https://youtu.be/ybxpO8mhp5Q

Maxine Auer (Commercial Exploitation of Children): https://youtu.be/yu1ZOsRvbK4

Allie Aprahamian (Domestic Violence):

Maryan Girgis (Bullying): https://youtu.be/mYTVXtzrLr8

Ashley Alexander: https://youtu.be/FinmD0ia1dI

Kaiya Sanabria: https://youtu.be/BS3OH8pKW_U

Catherine Spach (Children in Military Families): https://youtu.be/MBMTpTNDV0k