In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, demonstrations will subside. Without advocacy for the initiation of progressive and just policies, institutional bias and systemic marginalization will continue.  Will this be a moment or movement?  Will new policies be implemented promoting social justice, equity and inclusion, or will the hegemonic practices of racial subjugation perpetuate?  These sessions will examine the consequences of the absence of equity and inclusion in social policy, explore biblical themes related to just policy, provide participants with techniques to analyze existing policy and programs, and provide research-informed tools for creating equitable and inclusive policy and meaningful social change.

Click the video links below to view the webinars by CBU MSW faculty earlier this month. Stay tuned for more webinars to come!

Ep. 1# with Dr. Krystal Hays and Dr. Jennifer Costello

Watch Ep. 2# with Dr. Antonio Mejico, Prof. Phil Breitenbucher and Dr. Stephen Brown below!

Episode three by Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter addresses Systematic Racism, White Privilege, and Historical Mistrust. “It is easy to say Racism doesn’t exist when you live in a privilege world. Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC)  experience inequality in all sectors of life including employment, education, and the quality of healthcare they received when seeking medical services. It is very important to understand the different layers that contribute to inequality in our society. Working to create more diversity in executive leadership have shown to improve the experiences of Black Indigenous People of Color. Having diversity and inclusion also improves overall work moral and improves work outcomes. Additionally, implementing racism accountability protocols could definitely contribute to a reduction in racist behaviors and attitudes towards people of Color. Click the video below to watch Ep. 3# now!