With only a week before the start of finals, I should have expected there to be a string of last minute campus events popping out of nowhere. On the plus side, though, with the approach of final exams I have no more projects or papers to write. Less time in front a computer screen equals more time to enjoy with my friends. That’s why the professors do it, right?

Monday night hosted the most of these fun activities, starting with CREATE. The annual fine arts night allows students to show off any form of visual art, including photographs, paintings, drawings, ceramics, wood sculptures, and even poetry. Paintings and photographs lined one end of Stamps Courtyard with soft incandescent lighting strung across the grass. I walked through the vibrant faces and detailed fruits, but my eyes locked in on a specific portrait of donuts in a store. So simple, yet, so exquisite. I was impressed, too, by how many talented students there are here at CBU. The school should have an art gallery in downtown Riverside (oh wait, they do!).  Tables full of paints and tools allowed passerbys to create their own pieces with take home reusable Starbucks cups. On the other end were tables and a stage for poetry, and then later for amazing cello covers with a loop box. Laying on the grass in the warm night air listening to blend of modern and classical music was very relaxing. No complaints there.   The main event, though, was Propaganda, a spoken word poet and rapper, whose poems about faith and social issues made us both laugh as well as reflect on their meanings. Such a relaxing night appreciating the fine arts.

To complete my true Renaissance man persona, I also attended a viewing of the lunar eclipse that same night. I am a man of science after all, but more importantly my physics professor offered the class extra credit for joining the observing event on the front lawn. I planned on staying up to watch it anyways so I jumped on that opportunity right away. I walked out to the front lawn and found a several other astrologically conscious students lying on blankets and enjoying Milkyways (how appropriate) as a shadow slowly encompassed the shining moon. I also brought a light up frisbee, which meant that I had plenty to do. The lunar eclipse this night was special, too, since it was a blood moon. Once the shadow engulfed the entire moon, the surface turned a dark red and remained in its eerie state for well over an hour. A better description would have been a “peach moon,” but I’m no astrophysicist. Still, it was fun to just talk with my friends and watch the night sky change so drastically. I didn’t even know before that moons could change color, or that extra credit could be so entertaining. Let’s hope for some more before I take that final.