Allow me to tell you all a story. It involves dragons and ninjas and pixie dust, and my fierce martial arts skills.

That is all lies. It actually involves fairly average struggles that all added to an ultimately wonderful experience. Friends, let me tell you about last Saturday’s Christian College Leadership Conference.

By the time Saturday hit, I was coming off yet another incredibly busy week. I stumbled in sleepily to my apartment Friday night, unable to think clearly due to the fatigue that finally overtook me. It was already 12:30 a.m., and I knew that I had to meet with FOCUS at 8:00 that morning. I needed to wash my hair, swallow a great deal of coffee and/or tea, and generally prepare myself for the big day ahead, so I determined to set my alarm for 6:30 so that I could accomplish all of this.

And this I did… so I thought.

What actually occurred was that in my sleepy stupor I set the alarm for 7:30 instead of 6:30. I also neglected to plug my phone into the charger, so when I woke up with it at 2 percent battery life, I knew it was by the grace of God that it stayed alive long enough to wake me up at all. I sprung out of bed, noticing the stiffness of my neck and back and trying not to focus on a newly forming headache. I realized that there was no way I had time to shower, so I hurriedly brushed my teeth, threw on some (semi)clean clothes and power walked over to Yeager where I was set to meet everyone. Miraculously, I ended up being five minutes early.

I realized then that the day was definitely going to be a good day. That might be odd, but all of my best days have started out with me out of step, yet able to laugh regardless. I think the Creator just knew that I needed the extra sleep, and to remember that caffeine, a working phone and clean hair are not of utmost importance. As soon as I tossed my plan away and began to roll with the punches, I began to get a taste of the goodness that God has lined up for next year.

CCLC included not only ALL of CBU’s leadership, but also that of a handful of other universities. We gathered in the gym to dance, sing, worship along to All Sons and Daughters and hear gorgeous stories told by an author I deeply respect, Josh Riebock. We then had breakout sessions, community lunch, staff time and time to mingle, play games, dance again and connect with others in all programs. As I took the time to look around in the midst of each event, I couldn’t shake the immeasurable joy that overcame me when I thought, “This is what Heaven will be like.”

We will be in the company of believers who are all bent on worshipping God with everything that they are. We will be filled with indescribable happiness as we celebrate the beauty of the Creator and everything that He has done in the world. This experience, framed in episodes of my scattered clumsiness, only made me focus more on the great Lord that I get to serve. I am sure that serving as a FOCUS Leader will be one of the greatest things I get to do in college, and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for each leader I got to encounter at CCLC. He is doing big things, and He’ll accomplish His will whether or not we are on our game. Praise Him for that and for the greater picture.