One month. There is one month left of school until graduation. It is safe to say that I am freaking out a little bit. As I sat down to reflect on the past week and write this blog, I realized I did not do anything exciting this past week. Getting ready to graduate has filled my plate with an endless to-do list before May 3rd.

The question that I constantly get is, “Are you excited to graduate?” Without fail my answer is always, “Ummm, kind of.” Don’t get me wrong; I am excited to graduate. I’m ready to be one step closer to starting my career as a teacher. However, when I think about all of the things that I need to get done between now and graduation I am slightly overwhelmed with the workload.

One thing that I always do as the final month of classes comes around is make a to-do list. I love making lists and being able to cross off a task when it has been completed. Usually my end-of-semester to-do list is a half page or less, but my current list is slightly longer than a page. How is that even possible? Looking at that to-do list is stressful, but slowly crossing off tasks is rewarding. Each task completed is a step closer to graduation, a step closer to being done.

This last week was literally packed full of homework. Every spare moment I had was used to work on homework; free time did not exist at all last week. The biggest project that I am working to complete is my capstone. Basically, I have to give an example of work from every class, and I have to write reflections on almost every class that I have taken at CBU. As you could imagine, this is not the most exciting thing to do, but it must be done in order to graduate.

Although boring, working on my capstone has given me an ample amount of time to reflect on my time here at CBU. There is a section in my capstone where I have to explain how I have been able to grow spiritually at CBU. This has probably been the most rewarding section to complete of my capstone. It has allowed me to see how blessed I have been to attend a school that encourages my spiritual growth along with my education. I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend CBU and this was another good reminder of that fact.