With the arrival of spring semester comes the one men’s freshman dorm event that the whole school can be a part of: Smith vs Smith. No event quite focuses around the competitive fervor of freshman males battling in a series of challenges quite like Smith vs Smith. The premise of the competition is simple: CBU’s Smith Hall vs APU’s Smith Hall in a contest of five events that determines the who is best. In the last four years, hundreds of CBU freshman males have faced the trials that await the brave of heart. I stood among the chosen to represent the rightful Smith Hall only a year ago, and from my experiences competing, I knew that I would have to be there to cheer our boys on.

Every year the location switches, with last year falling on APU’s side. I remember the bus ride over with many of the guys rocking blue and white face paint and a number of freshly cut mohawks. Leading up to my year, APU held the winning record of 3-0, which increased our drive to win even more. I can’t describe how much built up anticipation resonated through the halls leading up to that fateful day. Our slogan became “All Streaks Must End” and we rallied behind those words with every event. To keep the focus on this year’s Smith vs Smith, I’ll keep my heroic war stories to a minimum and just say that after several hard fought battles the CBU Smith team finally added a victory to our record. We hoisted the cup and celebrated throughout the night, psyched to know that our year finally added a number to the score.

It’s not hard to believe, then, why I needed to watch the Smith Hall team compete at home. All five of the events this year (Dodgeball, Buck Buck, Spike Ball, Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros, Soccer) were played out on the front lawn which gave us fans plenty of room to watch. I wore my Smith Hall Champions shirt from last year and joined the group of veterans on the sidelines for the first event. Dodgeball is every man’s sport, and this year’s action did not disappoint. Five teams from each side played against each other and after countless quick dodges and bullet throws, the APU side took the early lead winning three of the games. Buck Buck followed, which is all about technique. Ten bases lock on to each other in a line while the rest of the team takes turns running and jumping to stack on top. My experience with it left my head and lungs feeling crushed beneath the weight of too many freshmen, but for the victory I endured the hardships. Watching was a different feeling entirely, more of pity than pain. Surprisingly enough, the traditionally strong Buck Buck team from APU did not pull through this year giving CBU the win. Spikeball replaced ping pong from last year which worked out better since the game is meant to be played outside. Unfortunately, even with our shouts and chants, APU took the win after several drawn out rounds. The Super Smash Bros competition took place on two inflatable projectors at the far end of the field which doubled as a pizza break for many of the competitors. Smith Vs Smith wouldn’t be a freshman dorm competition without the inclusion of a video game, and Super Smash Bros delivered. Again, though, even with several great KO’s by a CBU Kirby, APU added to their increasing lead.

At this point it would all come down to the last event: Soccer. I couldn’t help but analyze every detail of the match and, of course, wish that I was playing, too. APU scored early and CBU couldn’t mount a strong attack. The CBU Smith team put up a great fight, and the fans faithfully supported them throughout the games. The purpose of Smith vs Smith, however, is bring the two universities’ freshman together in healthy competition, and that’s exactly what happened. Winning is great, but just being there to experience the excitement of it all its just as good. Well done CBU Smith Hall.