This past weekend was packed with bus rides, concerts, and staying in strangers’ homes. This weekend was mini tour with the University Choir and Orchestra. What is mini tour, you ask? Mini tour is a weekend where UCO traveled to Arizona and put on a weekend of concerts. Mini tour is just a quick version of the two week tour the choir takes at the end of the school year, hence the name mini tour.

UCO left for Arizona on Friday morning, making only one lunch stop along the way for the five and a half hour drive. You may be thinking, five hours on a bus sounds awful. The ride really isn’t all that bad. Sure, sitting on a bus for hours can get uncomfortable but spending hours on a bus allows for many things to happen. I personally like to read when I am on the bus and since I finished all my homework before tour started I was able to do some reading for fun. With a heavy homework load I never get to do my own personal reading but hours on a bus allows me to finish almost finish two books. There are also movies that are played on the bus and a lot of sleeping going on, traveling is hard work.

Throughout the weekend we performed a total of five concerts: one on Friday, one of Saturday, and three on Sunday. Each concert was unique and incredible. We have the amazing opportunity to minister to a multitude of people, young and old. Some of my favorite memories come from the young members of the audience. From the little girl raising her hands to the little boy with his hands rested behind his head enjoying the concert.

At this point you are probably wondering where we stayed this entire weekend, especially since I mentioned something about strangers’ homes earlier. Well, during tour we stay in host homes. Families in the church volunteer to take in all of us. We are randomly paired off with other members of the choir and then randomly placed in a host home. We always joke that it is like we are being auctioned off. Getting placed into host homes is always slightly nerve racking because you never know who you are going to get.

During this tour I was blessed with two great homes. The first night I was with an extremely down to earth family that joked and laughed with us the entire night. The second night we ended up spending an extended amount of time with the family because our concert on Saturday was in the morning. That night my host family had planned a barbeque with four other families that allowed us to hang out with other members of UCO. Staying with host families also allows you to get to know other members of the choir better, which is always great.

Mini tour was a crazy, packed weekend. It was great getting to know people in the group better and getting away from campus for a few days.