Looking toward the future is something young adults encounter often, especially while in college. We question “Is this the right major?” “What career do I want to aim for?” “What should I do with my summer time off?” “How is what I’m doing now contributing to the life I hope to live after school?”

These questions seem to pop up increasingly toward the end of every jam-packed semester, leading to several late-night discussions with friends and roommates.

I am well aware of the weight of these questions. While they help set goals to aim for, they can also add unnecessary amounts of stress. It is best to address these appropriately, then use the time given in college to explore them while focusing on how to be your best in this present moment.

I demonstrated a practical depiction of what has been going on in my head earlier this week. Thankfully, it alerted me to my need to be aware and serve my God with all that I have in each day I’m given.

Okay, here’s the story: As I have said before, mornings are not my friend. However, a couple mornings ago, I muddled my way to class, coffee mug in hand, and concentrated my efforts on making it where I needed to be. I gazed directly ahead of me as I plotted my route to class and eventually succeeded in making it there.

It wasn’t until later that same day when I bumped into some friends of mine that I realized I had walked past at least two of them without waving on my trek to class. Apparently, my friends had waved emphatically and called after me to say good morning, and I had absolutely no clue they had done so. I continued on my merry way, totally oblivious.

After this happened, I realized exactly how much I have let my thoughts take over. Even though it was a groggy morning for me, I couldn’t get out of my head and notice what was right in front of me. This made me realize that I really must pay more attention.

While I become single-minded in accomplishing simple goals, such as making it to a morning class, I also tend to be very futuristic. This does come in handy when it comes to studying for finals, writing research papers and making summer plans. However, I am once again realizing the importance of focusing on the present time and making the most of it.

As all CBU students are well aware, the end of the semester is nigh and summer rapidly approaches. In these final weeks, try to use the time to strive for excellence in each class, tell your roommates you appreciate them and invest time in your friends. We all know exactly where each other are at, and we can serve each other in love until we meet the end of another wonderful year at this university.