One of the great events that CBU has put on for the past seven years is Night of Nations. It is a fun night of entertainment and competition that helps to raise funds for teams of college students that are going out in the world to serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the International Service Project program.

International Service Projects are three-week long trips to various parts of the world where students perform diverse tasks to reach the nations with the gospel.  ISP is a big part of the CBU experience because the university is committed to fulfilling Jesus’ mandate of the Great Commission “to go and make disciples of all nations.” To this end, CBU believes that God bestows upon every student gifts and passions to accomplish their purpose”.

ISP utilizes students’ talents and abilities to serve others.  For example, there is a team focusing on the deaf culture in a specific country.  Another team is using their athletic skills in a basketball camp to minister to children and share the gospel.

Night of Nations is a fun night, because the teams put on skits, videos, and dances that represent the culture that they will be serving and also portraying ISP’s theme for this year.  The theme “Awaken” was chosen, because there are so many nations who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, and their souls are living in darkness.  The goal of ISP is to give them the “light of the world” so that they will never have to walk in darkness again, according to John 8:12 (ESV).

The great part of this event is that not only is it fun and entertaining, but it is also inspiring and educational for all believers.  Many of the acts in the show were filled with statistics revealing the number of people in specific regions who were still living in darkness. I left the Night of Nations event feeling very inspired to pray for specific nations and also to give prayer support for teams who were going to nations where there are literally no believers.  I also was very encouraged by the number of students who were willing to hear the missionary call and go outside of their comfort zone to lead people to Christ.  More than 400 students from CBU are participating in ISP, United States Project (USP), or Summer of Service (SOS).

This summer, you can pray for CBU students as they attempt to bring people to the one Person who can Awaken their soul.  Pray for the nations they are ministering in and that the gospel would be spread far and wide through students who are heeding the call.