Recently, CBU sponsored a trip to see the Los Angeles Clippers play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For those of you who aren’t fans, the L.A. Clippers are that other basketball team L.A. has. Our school is always giving back to students in various ways throughout the semester. Considering the fact that I’ve never been to a professional sporting event, I had to take advantage of this. Of course the trip wasn’t free but where else can you get tickets for $35? The tickets included admission, transportation and a meal, which was awesome!

A group of us met here at the school on Saturday afternoon to be transported to the Staples Center. While waiting for the bus I fellowshipped and made some new friends. As with all CBU events, we prayed before we began our journey. Once the bus picked us up, it was like we had an invisible police escort on the freeway. We had no problem navigating through traffic on the way to the game.

We arrived at the Staples Center early and had plenty of time to take pictures, eat and find our seats. We had our own section in the nose bleed seats! During the game a camera man from a local television station filmed us for a short period of time. The game was exciting and very eventful and it “went down to the wire,” or was close. I had a wonderful experience at my first NBA basketball game with CBU. This is another example of why I love being a Lancer and around such great group of people. I can hardly wait for my next BIG adventure with CBU. By the way, the Clippers won the game by four.