Busy, busy, busy. The semester seems to be really flying by right about now. Midterms are quickly approaching, not to mention spring break

With that being said, professors are not messing around. Many are pushing out work assignments as fast as they can think of them. It can be a challenge just to keep up with all the papers and other assignments due. I often find myself going to bed late and rising early to meet deadlines; having a part-time job and other extracurricular activities does not help the situation.

I try to set short term goals in order to motivate me. For example, NBA All Star weekend will be here soon—and that’s only a few weeks from spring break. That’s one hump I have to get over.

If I can just make it to that point in one piece, I’m golden.

To prepare myself for the strenuous days ahead I keep some simple rules in mind: plenty of rest (where possible), exercise, and stay focused. During the semester I get very little sleep at night. To counter this, I take a short nap whenever I can. Also, I try to eat healthy every day to give me the energy I need to drive on. When I have time, which seems to be early in the morning or between classes, I work out. This keeps me in shape and ready to tackle the many tasks ahead from day to day. Finally, I stay focused. I never lose sight of my goals. I am here for a reason. The more I prepare for life and its many challenges, the more adept I will be to overcome.

All in all, I try to always remember California Baptist University’s motto, “Live your purpose.” Failure is not an option for me, and it should not be for you. Always remember that God put each and every one of us here for a reason.