May I describe to you what euphoria feels like? It is being cuddled up with a million fuzzy kittens next to a warm fire while eating from an unlimited supply of candy.

That is almost exactly how I feel right about now.

My friends, I have made it to the end of another semester. I am currently writing this after completing my fourth and last final exam. Oh, it feels good. All of my hard work has reached a temporary end, and I may now look forward to Christmas break. Allow me to share just a few of the things I’m excited for in the upcoming weeks.

  • No homework: I actually might not know what to do with myself for a while. I currently feel guilty for using my laptop for anything besides completing a research paper. Hopefully this will pass soon, and I’ll be able to fully relax.
  • Christmas shopping: I think I have gotten better at this as the years go by. I have learned to be sneaky and take my friends and family by surprise when they receive their gift. I also like to think I’m getting better at wrapping gifts… The package may never look perfect, but it always has character!
  • Reading for fun: It has been some time since I was able to finish a book outside of school. I think it’s absolutely necessary for a person’s well being to read a book as often as you can that feeds both your soul and your mind. Do yourself a huge favor and go to a bookstore or a bookish friend’s home and pick out a title that looks interesting. Read it cover to cover. You’ll be amazed what a good, unassigned book can do for your outlook.
  • Home cooked meals: Beef stew. Eggnog. Pumpkin cookies. Breakfast quiche. Need I say more?

For the next few days, I look forward to the on-campus Christmas gatherings, white elephant gift exchanges and spontaneous caroling. It will take a while for it to sink in that I don’t have to budget homework or study sessions into this time, but I plan to enjoy the Christmas season in Riverside before looking forward to Christmas back home. Watch out, Ukiah, I’m coming for you soon!

Looking back, this semester truly has been eventful, and I really believe that I learned so much from each of my classes. I feel that this semester has brought me closer to my eventual degree. For now, I will enjoy this sense of accomplishment in the completion of my fall 2012 semester and pray that I finished well.

Merry Christmas everyone!