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Art and Science

With only a week before the start of finals, I should have expected there to be a string of last minute campus events popping out of nowhere. On the plus side, though, with the approach of final exams I have no more projects or papers to write. Less time in front a computer screen equals more time to enjoy with Read full article »

Almost RA

These last few days, I took the next few steps to becoming an official Colony RA for next year. Up to this point, the “responsibility” and “job” aspect of it all wasn’t quite there yet so I’m having a blast. To start, CBU hosted the annual Christian College Leadership Conference, which all upcoming student leaders from area Christian universities attend. Azusa Read full article »

Campus and Color

Last Thursday will always be remembered as  ”the night of too many fun events going on.”  I don’t know why every department on campus voted on March 27th to be their activity day, but that’s exactly what it was. Since I’m the type of guy that needs to check out what’s going on outside, I had a little difficultly choosing Read full article »

Urban Excursion SF

  My average spring break experience usually consists of the following: extensive yard work and extensive laying on the floor thinking of what to do with this strange new feeling called free time. To shake things up a bit, I applied to be a part of Urban Excursion San Francisco, a five-day mission trip organized by the Office of Spiritual Life. Read full article »

IC in LA

I’m not the type of guy who goes out to museums for the day to appreciate classical or obscure art, but when the International Center hosts a day trip to Los Angeles for only $5, I cannot resist. Last Saturday I visited the Getty Museum and walked around Holly Boulevard along with 40 other CBU students. I wasn’t sure what Read full article »

All About an Email

Last Friday was the big reveal for student leadership applicants. By 5 p.m., all of the university offices offering positions sent out emails either congratulating you on your new job or thanking you for your interest. I had been waiting for this email for a long time, and each day leading up to that Friday added a little more doubt Read full article »

Smith vs Smith

            With the arrival of spring semester comes the one men’s freshman dorm event that the whole school can be a part of: Smith vs Smith. No event quite focuses around the competitive fervor of freshman males battling in a series of challenges quite like Smith vs Smith. The premise of the competition is simple: Read full article »

Goals for a Goal

Intramural Co-ed Competitive Soccer. It’s strange to think that I’ve actually been anticipating this 2014 season ever since my first exposure to the league last year. Growing up in a third world Latino culture where every young boy is brainwashed to believe that they will lead their national team to the next FIFA World Cup, I can confidently say that Read full article »

Rival Rematch

When rivals face off, those watching cannot help but feel the thrill. Although they may disagree, Azusa Pacific University is CBU’s main competitor in Division II athletics. Even before the switch from NAIA to NCAA, the Lancers have been facing off with the Cougars for years now, and the same drive for domination persists even to today. Lancer basketball was Read full article »

Making the Cut

I rely on my bike or board for all means of transportation, which can be a just as much a blessing as an annoyance. There have been way too many weekends when I just wanted to get off campus and none of my friends or I could make it happen. Even the necessary items like toilet paper and animal crackers Read full article »

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