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Final Thoughts

During my short time as a student blogger here at CBU, I have explained a few of my ideas. Recently, I wrote about self -acceptance. I believe that one must accept themselves as an individual and be comfortable with who they are.

Too many times young people get caught up in the glamour that is hollywierd. Today’s society tells us that you have to be a certain way to be accepted in life. Men are to be at least 6 feet tall with washboard abs and a strong jaw line. Women should be tall, thin, with long hair and plump lips. These ideas are concepts that the media and pop culture have made popular.

In my blog, I explained that most of the people we see pictured in the media and often held up as role models don’t really look like they are portrayed. A lot of digital editing and airbrushing goes into the final appearance that we see online and in person.

I watched a film on the subject in one of my classes last year. I was surprised to learn that most of the models we see in magazines or on television look like normal people with normal bodies. The point I tried to get across was that we have to be ourselves and accept ourselves as God intended us. I also asked why it is that so many people stress themselves out trying to fit into what society views as the norm. Young Americans are constantly going out of their way or comfort zones to be someone they’re not. Too many people alter themselves to please others and not themselves.

To see an example of what I’m talking about, click on this link and watch the video:

As we go into the summer months, I challenge you to remember the motto we have at CBU: “Live Your Purpose.” Remember that no one can live your purpose but you—and no one else can be you, either. This summer, work on being yourself and the person God intended you to be. I’ll bet you’ll be happier for it.

Have a blessed summer CBU!!!

Moving Forward

We all know summer is quickly approaching, which means freedom for the most part. While summer is a time for us all to relax and enjoy ourselves, it doesn’t mean that we should regress.

CBU will be operating during the summer months, and there are a few important classes being offered. The summer sessions are great opportunity for students to get ahead or catch up on their studies. One class in particular is Overview of the Bible. I have registered for this class, and I am actually looking forward to it. The class briefly goes over the Old Testament but mainly focuses on the New Testament. It breaks down the New Testament with special emphasis to the religious and national life of the Hebrew people, the life of Jesus and the development of the early church. I am in no way, shape or form an expert on the Bible. Therefore, this class will help me better understand the Bible.

I signed up for 12 credit hours throughout the summer, and I can’t wait to begin. Regardless of what class or classes you chose to take this summer, make sure it will broaden your views and education. Studies show that over the summer a majority of students lose up to 35 percent of what they learned during the school year.

Having the opportunity to take summer courses will not only help your goal of graduating on time or early, but also help you maintain what you are learning throughout your college career.

Kinda Deep

The countdown has begun! Finals will begin in a couple of weeks and summer break is on the horizon! I’ve had a wonderful time this semester, meeting new friends and experiencing new things.

I got the chance to play intramural basketball, which was a blast. I received much needed inspiration from the many guest speakers at chapel and even watched my first live NBA game. Let’s not forget that I received a quality education from quality professors at a quality university.

CBU has done for me just about everything a parent would do for their child, with the exception of disciplining me. CBU has fed me, clothed me, consoled me, entertained me, and sheltered me this semester. I have experienced things here that I would not have attending another school. These are things that cling to hearts and will not be forgotten. I challenge everyone to indulge in the bliss that is “Life @ CBU.” Your time spent at this university only comes once in life, so make the best of it. Friendships and relationships constructed here can and should last a lifetime.

Some of you will be graduating after this semester and will go out into the world. You should share the joy that God and CBU has brought to your life with the rest of the world. Indeed, it will be nice to get a break from studying, long lines and quizzes every week, but the overall environment will be missed. Even though the semester is coming to an end, our lives are just beginning. Live your purpose guys!!!

Party like a Lancer!

Recently, CBU sponsored a trip to see the Los Angeles Clippers play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For those of you who aren’t fans, the L.A. Clippers are that other basketball team L.A. has. Our school is always giving back to students in various ways throughout the semester. Considering the fact that I’ve never been to a professional sporting event, I had to take advantage of this. Of course the trip wasn’t free but where else can you get tickets for $35? The tickets included admission, transportation and a meal, which was awesome!

A group of us met here at the school on Saturday afternoon to be transported to the Staples Center. While waiting for the bus I fellowshipped and made some new friends. As with all CBU events, we prayed before we began our journey. Once the bus picked us up, it was like we had an invisible police escort on the freeway. We had no problem navigating through traffic on the way to the game.

We arrived at the Staples Center early and had plenty of time to take pictures, eat and find our seats. We had our own section in the nose bleed seats! During the game a camera man from a local television station filmed us for a short period of time. The game was exciting and very eventful and it “went down to the wire,” or was close. I had a wonderful experience at my first NBA basketball game with CBU. This is another example of why I love being a Lancer and around such great group of people. I can hardly wait for my next BIG adventure with CBU. By the way, the Clippers won the game by four.

Round Two

This summer will be a busy one thanks to California Baptist University. CBU is always having a career fair here on campus. This week it hosted one March 20 for business and communication studies majors. I am done with classes fairly early on Wednesdays so I went check it out.

There were many employers looking for new hires and interns. Even the FBI had a representative present. I picked up a lot of great information that will help me in the future. The fair even helped me line up a possible internship for this summer.

I suggest going to at least one career fair before leaving CBU. I see the fairs as another way CBU gives back the students.  It only takes about an hour out of the day, and it is well worth it.

I also will be taking summer classes here at CBU, which will keep me on track to graduate on time and a step ahead of the game. Registration for the two summer sessions will begin soon so if you have not already, you should sign up before classes are full. It looks like I will have an eventful summer here at CBU. Have a great week and don’t forget to “Live your Purpose.”

Beach Body

The semester glass is half empty with summer quickly approaching. In today’s society, American men and women are held to unbelievably high standards. The bar is even higher for people here in California. Thank goodness we don’t have that problem here at CBU, right? Wrong.

Movies, books, magazines, pop culture and the media paint pictures of the ideal human figure. Men are supposed to be at least 5’10 with hard rock abs and a strong jaw line. Women should be tall, bronze and able to hula hoop through a Cheerio. These are all opinions, and, although they may be widespread, they are not laws. There is no publication that states that you have to be a certain height, weight, or have a particular body type to be attractive or accepted.

No one is perfect, only God! With that being said, we need to accept things that we cannot change. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I have to lose this weight before summer” or “I have to get my sexy back.” I never knew sexy was missing. At times we all get caught up in worldly things or themes but we must remember that our mission has nothing to do with our looks. I am 5’7 and will not be growing any in the foreseeable future. I have reluctantly accepted this fact, and I am fine with it. I work out often, because I enjoy it and it keeps me healthy.

God created us all in his image. Everyone is unique on purpose which is what makes us truly special. Let’s think about this for a moment. How would you feel if there were 25,000 other yous walking around earth? The funny thing is that our differences tie us together.

Consider the times we’ve read about those models people admire who aren’t happy with themselves. A documentary in one of my classes also pointed out that a lot of the images we see are corrected in Photoshop. Those six-pack abs that you so desperately want may actually be airbrushed on a computer before finally being printed or posted to your favorite website.

Don’t compare yourself to the images you see in today’s media. Strive to be the best you can be. That’s what God wants us to do.

Breaking The Mold

A lot of people think that Christians are stiff and pushy. The fact is, a lot of us may be pushy or even direct, but I think we still know how to have fun. As Christians, we are taught that we must share the good news with the masses. There are a lot of untapped souls in the world that have not heard about Christ. This is why we send missionaries out into the world and why we witness to others. The word of God must reach everyone.

On the other hand, we still have to find outlets and ways to cope with the weight of our day-to-day responsibilities. This doesn’t mean that we have to go out and do something we might regret in the morning. I simply mean have fun. How we do it will be a witness to those around us.

There are many ways to enjoy yourself without “losing your religion.” It might be cracking open that book you’ve been dying to read. Nature is a beautiful amenity to behold–plus it’s free. Go skiing, hiking, swimming or just take a long walk. I personally love the outdoors and playing sports. I try to find time in between studying to go for a run or throw some chicken breasts on the grill. Fellowshipping with others is also a way to have a good time.

As we prepare to go on Spring Break, I hope you’ll remember to relax and have fun. I certainly intend to!

Penny For My Thought

Busy, busy, busy. The semester seems to be really flying by right about now. Midterms are quickly approaching, not to mention spring break

With that being said, professors are not messing around. Many are pushing out work assignments as fast as they can think of them. It can be a challenge just to keep up with all the papers and other assignments due. I often find myself going to bed late and rising early to meet deadlines; having a part-time job and other extracurricular activities does not help the situation.

I try to set short term goals in order to motivate me. For example, NBA All Star weekend will be here soon—and that’s only a few weeks from spring break. That’s one hump I have to get over.

If I can just make it to that point in one piece, I’m golden.

To prepare myself for the strenuous days ahead I keep some simple rules in mind: plenty of rest (where possible), exercise, and stay focused. During the semester I get very little sleep at night. To counter this, I take a short nap whenever I can. Also, I try to eat healthy every day to give me the energy I need to drive on. When I have time, which seems to be early in the morning or between classes, I work out. This keeps me in shape and ready to tackle the many tasks ahead from day to day. Finally, I stay focused. I never lose sight of my goals. I am here for a reason. The more I prepare for life and its many challenges, the more adept I will be to overcome.

All in all, I try to always remember California Baptist University’s motto, “Live your purpose.” Failure is not an option for me, and it should not be for you. Always remember that God put each and every one of us here for a reason.

Still in Question

The start of the semester can present many challenges and questions, along with very few answers. Why am I here, what classes will I take, will I make new friends, which shoes will I wear? These are some of the many questions that may be running through your mind right about now.


Beginning college or continuing college can be complicated, yet fulfilling. This is the time that we should be spreading our wings and expressing ourselves. This is the time to show our parents that their money is actually supporting a good cause.

Life stresses us out only when we let it.


Life here at CBU is rewarding. Not only do you get the best education money can buy, you also get the best faculty, facilities, friends, and experiences life has to offer. CBU has many programs set up that assist with everyday life. From tutoring to chapels, Christian Challenges to homecoming festivities, CBU has it all covered. There are friendly counselors that help you with choosing classes for your degree plan. There are many events held during the semester that build camaraderie and life-long friendships. The majority of the events held here are free.


Most importantly, CBU provides a safe and healthy Christian environment.

Christianity is always the theme on campus. In my time at CBU, I’ve learned that the staff/community will never give up on you. You might not know what pair of jeans goes great with that shirt, but at least you know where to find a helping hand. We are taught that no problem is too great and that everyone here matters. With that being said; live your purpose and enjoy life here at CBU!

Right On Time

Chapel is required of every student at CBU who is taking more than seven credit hours a semester. Although some students see it as just checking the box, I’ve found that it is very essential to everyday life at CBU. Back in November I was contemplating dropping school and going back into the military. Things weren’t going well for me, and I was concerned about being able to pay rent and other expenses. I was having trouble finding a job, some of my credits didn’t transfer, and life seemed unpleasant to me. I attended a chapel service on 11/30/12 in which Dr. Micah Parker was the guest speaker. Dr. Parker’s message was on Matthew 8:28-24. He also told his interpretation of the man in the pit parable.

In the parable, there was a man walking along one day who fell into a deep pit. As the man was falling, he grabbed a branch to break his fall. The pit was dark, and the man couldn’t see anything. After holding on for some time, the man called out to God to save him. God replied, “Let go”. The man said, “No, I will die if I let go.” God answered again, “Let go!” The man replied once more, “No I will die if I let go.” God assured the man that he would not die if he let go, but the man refused. The man continued to hold on to the branch and was eventually found dead, with the ground being only seven feet from the branch.

That was story was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I had been unsure the whole semester. I doubted myself, my decision to leave the army, and my pursuit of my education. Everything that I had worked for was in question and I needed reassurance. I was literally a step away from dropping out of school and enlisting in the army.

We are taught that God may not come when you want him, but he will always be on time. In this instance, God was just in the nick of time. I know that I was led to this school for a reason and that I can’t leave until I have accomplished what I came here to do. No matter how rough things get in our live we have to, “let go and let God.” I am blessed to have been able to have received that message that day. Chapel is more than a box that needs checking. It is more than just a slot on our schedule. It is a special message that is intended for someone who needs assurance, confirmation, encouragement, or hope. “Let go and let God!”

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