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Living in a Pinterest World

Today’s world is a place full of technology, information, and endless resources.  If a person wanted to build a castle out of glow sticks, they could most likely find a tutorial for it.  It is a wonderful thing for poor college students, because with websites like Pinterest and Youtube, there are endless opportunities for fun and creativity. Pinterest is a website Read full article »

God is Faithful

The theme of my week has been that God is faithful and will always provide for me. Like many college graduates at CBU, I have been worrying and wondering what to do after graduation.  There are so many things to consider when you leave college. Where are you going to live? Where are you going to work? What are you going to Read full article »

Until All the World Hears

One of the great events that CBU has put on for the past seven years is Night of Nations. It is a fun night of entertainment and competition that helps to raise funds for teams of college students that are going out in the world to serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the International Service Project program. International Read full article »

Understanding the Times

This past week, the Supreme Court debated the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as union between a man and a woman only. Undoubtedly, this has caused quite a stir among the Christian community. It seems as if almost every Christian is up in arms in the cyber world trying to make their claim as Read full article »

Becoming Me

It is amazing to see how fast and how differently people change in college. I can see a lot of it in myself, looking back at little ol’ freshman me four years ago.  When I first showed up for orientation in September 2009, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was merely a bright-eyed face who had Read full article »

Spring Break!

This past week I traveled home for spring break — about 45 minutes from Fresno, Calif. in a small town named Lemoore.  The population of Lemoore is about 45,000 people with cows still outnumbering humans.  The bovine smell and perhaps the naval air station there are the only things people might know about Lemoore. However, despite the lack of things Read full article »


UnChristian. Hypocrites. Old-fashioned. Judgmental. These are just a few of the labels that Christians are given by unbelievers. The labels seem harsh to Christians, and we tend to respond to them with a quick rebuttal of "They don't really know Christians then!" However, it should make us question why we have such a bad rap with the unbelieving community. These thoughts arose Read full article »

99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration

Do you ever experience complete inspiration from someone you come into contact with? Someone who makes you want to be a better person or strive for greater things? This semester I am blessed with great inspiration.  One of the inspirations in my life right now is one of my professors at CBU.  He teaches two of the graphic design classes I Read full article »

Show Some Love

This week is Valentine’s Day! If you did not know that, you should climb out from under your rock. If you are aware of it, you probably are going through some thought process about the holiday.  It seems like every year all the single people are rallying with their cry of “Valentine’s Day is the stupidest holiday ever!” and “I love Read full article »

Becoming Part of the Body

Finding a home church can be difficult in college. It can be hard to find one that suits the church personality you are used to, that correlates with your beliefs, is close to where you live and allows you to be actively involved. When I was a freshman, I would go to different churches to see which ones fit what I Read full article »

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