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Lead by Following

Allow me to share with you all that I am excited for at the moment. I am so excited for Easter Break, as it is not only a break before finals, but a time to visit my wonderful boyfriend’s family in San Diego. I am excited to finally turn in my final papers and complete my exams so that I can Read full article »

The Greater Picture

Allow me to tell you all a story. It involves dragons and ninjas and pixie dust, and my fierce martial arts skills. That is all lies. It actually involves fairly average struggles that all added to an ultimately wonderful experience. Friends, let me tell you about last Saturday’s Christian College Leadership Conference. By the time Saturday hit, I was coming off yet Read full article »

A Pause

Sometimes, things do not go my way. I know we all have weeks like this, and I am perfectly okay with that. It’s just funny how every single time this happens, I tend to relearn such simple lessons all over again. To say that this last Monday was just not my day is an understatement. Coming off of a busy weekend, I Read full article »

Old and New

As I’ve said before, I find that immense joy and insight comes from sharing your life with someone. The past few days have enabled me to do that in a new way. Hopefully, we all have those friends that are undoubtedly God’s way of saying “Here ya go! This is what love and growth looks like with me!” For me, that Read full article »

Peace in the Chaos

Friends, the chaos has hit. Every semester, I tell myself that I will be poised, calm and fully prepared for midterms when they hit. Unfortunately, every year I am never as put together as I plan to be. This past few weeks have proven to me exactly how important it is to prioritize, map out a game plan, and keep calm Read full article »

Procrastination and the God Badge

There is a reason I do not listen to lyrical music while doing homework. I adore music as much as anyone, and believe the perfect song enhances any moment. I have learned that I cannot simply hear a song without attentively listening to it and making its lyrics my own thoughts. When music plays, I tend to hone in on the Read full article »

The Best of the Best

There are several things in life that prove to round each of us out and make us who we are today. These things include defining moments and experiences as well as each interest and passion. Some of the biggest things to enrich and shape my outlook were astounding mentors, reading the Harry Potter series with my dad, discovering the unending Read full article »

About the Twenties

I’ll be honest and say that lately, I’ve been feeling old. All too many mornings now begin with the consequences of waking up after a night of staying up an hour later than I should have – including a sore back, head and seeming inability to move. I also find my days filled with hurried trips from one place to Read full article »

Persons of CBU

A while back, I stumbled across a fantastic blog called Humans of New York that I still keep up with to this day. The entire concept centers on a photographer who captures pictures of people as they go about their daily lives. He then posts these photos, with permission, and shares a bit of the conversation he had with the Read full article »

Into the Unknown

Last weekend proved to be a big one for many of us. Of course, there was the Super Bowl which, to be perfectly honest, I only ever watch for the food and commercials. This year I had a valid excuse for missing it, as did a slew of others participating in International Service Project this summer. We all continued our Read full article »

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