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The End

“Abigail! I saw you on the CBU page for Lancer Diaries! I didn’t know you wrote for them!” Since Lancer Diaries has been on the CBU webpage as one of the banners, I’ve gotten this statement at least once a week. The flush of my cheeks could testify to the humility I feel upon receiving the acknowledgement. Who would’ve known that Read full article »

The Inevitable

We are under the two-week mark, friends. Spring 2013 is almost complete. I am at the point in my education where a great number of my friends are graduating, beginning their careers, continuing on to higher education and moving away. Many people I have looked up to as an underclassman or befriended during choir tours. In three Saturdays, as they walk across Read full article »

Eternal Family

Family (n.): 4. any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins 5. all those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor Family? That is the definition of family? Okay. What if mine is scattered across the country, or divorced into multiple families, or what if I’m completely alone with no family? What then? Who is Read full article »


It seems that, from our campus, we can reach some major places like Disneyland, Downtown LA, Newport Beach, or Lake Arrowhead in about 45 minutes. I know, I know – who could possibly want to go outside of this all-inclusive CBU resort? – but on a weekend when feeling adventurous, these places are at our fingertips. It’s okay, escaping to Read full article »

Life is A-Plenty

This campus is full of life. As I’m sitting in Brisco’s having lunch, conversations are bubbling and overflowing with excitement, baseball games ever-present on TVs, and skateboarders are whizzing past to get to their next destination. The itch for activities is alive. It seems like everywhere I turn, there is something exciting going on that moment, that afternoon, that evening to Read full article »


In a previous blog, Don’t Worry About Tomorrow, I was learning what it meant to trust God for this day rather than fret over the days to come. The snowball effect of school is in full swing now, and sometimes the moments of today are so bloated with responsibilities that tomorrow is nowhere in sight. I ask myself, “How am Read full article »


I’ve got diamonds on the brain. Large, distinctly recognizable diamonds. And I’m not talking about “ring by spring.” Living in the Colony, I hear those unmistakable pings almost every day during this time of the year. At night, the corner of our campus is brighter than the moon with the field lights, and the joyous sounds of adrenaline-pumped parents, friends, and Read full article »

Unexpected Sisterhood

What you’re about to read may be slightly haphazard, with thoughts flowing into other thoughts without finishing the first, disorganized and not in chronological order, but my brain just can’t make any sense of this. But first, a little history. Coming to college, I had no idea what to expect. My family doesn’t have a whole long line of college graduates Read full article »

Prayer for Eight

Henry, Ronald, Sheila, Andrew, Larry, Doug, Donny, Paige. Our campus focuses on equipping students to go out to the nations and proclaim the word of God and demonstrate the love the Lord shows to us each day through service. With a myriad of international options to partake in from CBU’s globally minded mobilization projects, I often lose sight of the desperate need Read full article »

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

The choices at CBU seem bottomless. What do you choose?   Brisco’s vs. ADC  Food: one of the great loves of my life. I could practically be majoring in taste tasting considering the quality of the food we have. From Fresh N Fit to home-cooked classics, I love it all. Brisco’s is probably one of my favorite places on this earth. The “grab and Read full article »

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