It’s becoming a trend for some hospitals to bring in dogs as comfort therapy for ill patients. There’s even a whole foundation called Therapy Dogs International, which provides dog “visitors” for terminal patients in select hospitals. Why, you may ask? Because supposedly, animal company really is therapeutic for the human mind. The theory is factually supported.

So, naturally, what does CBU do when their students are in a terrified flurry about the coming finals? They bring in puppies for us to play with, of course!

A couple of weeks ago, just before finals began, ASCBU (CBU student council) put on an event that they happily named “Recess.” This event included a collection of childish games and activities, including swings and puppies, as well as students dressed as childhood TV characters. Onlookers called it a “fair,” because of the loud, energetic music and colorful atmosphere.

And so, students set aside their textbooks and laptops to join in the fun with many of their fellow classmates, celebrating another fantastic year of learning and growth. For some, this would be their last large CBU event before graduation – and what better way to go out “with a bang” than with a puppy in your arms?

When the event ended, the music stopped, and the crazies left to go back to their apartments, we C&E workers stepped out onto the lawn to tear down everything. Fortunately, not much of a mess was made for us to take care of, but one of my coworkers did joke about how all of the trash that was left “smelled so good; like ice cream!” If even the trash smelled tasty, then the intentionally childish event must have been a success!

One of the things I love most about CBU is how much leeway its student leaders have to plan random, unique events such as this one… Because, well, let’s be honest –if the event planning had been left to someone whose childhood happened well before ours, there probably wouldn’t have been a giant Pokemon walking around campus. Just sayin’.