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Therapy by Puppies and Pokemon

It’s becoming a trend for some hospitals to bring in dogs as comfort therapy for ill patients. There’s even a whole foundation called Therapy Dogs International, which provides dog “visitors” for terminal patients in select hospitals. Why, you may ask? Because supposedly, animal company really is therapeutic for the human mind. The theory is factually supported. So, naturally, what does CBU do when their Read full article »

Lead by Following

Allow me to share with you all that I am excited for at the moment. I am so excited for Easter Break, as it is not only a break before finals, but a time to visit my wonderful boyfriend’s family in San Diego. I am excited to finally turn in my final papers and complete my exams so that I can Read full article »

One Step Closer

This past Saturday I completed the biggest project of my undergraduate career, my senior capstone. This is a project that I have been working on for the past three months, and it is finally done. Let me tell you, it is a huge relief to be finished with this grand project. This is one of the final stepping-stones to graduation. Read full article »

Art and Science

With only a week before the start of finals, I should have expected there to be a string of last minute campus events popping out of nowhere. On the plus side, though, with the approach of final exams I have no more projects or papers to write. Less time in front a computer screen equals more time to enjoy with Read full article »

An Artist’s Adventure Up a Mountain

Every spring, CBU’s graphic design and photography department spends a great deal of time planning its annual photo shoot trip. The professors form a sort of team, gather up students and steal them away for a weekend to give them a taste of the effort involved in real-life photography projects. While “effort” unfortunately rings an unwelcomed bell in the ears Read full article »

The Potters House

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to go on a women’s retreat with my church. I am on the women’s ministry team, and this is something we have been planning for more than a year. It was great to have it finally come into fruition; it felt like we were planning it forever. We had the opportunity to Read full article »

The Greater Picture

Allow me to tell you all a story. It involves dragons and ninjas and pixie dust, and my fierce martial arts skills. That is all lies. It actually involves fairly average struggles that all added to an ultimately wonderful experience. Friends, let me tell you about last Saturday’s Christian College Leadership Conference. By the time Saturday hit, I was coming off yet Read full article »

Almost RA

These last few days, I took the next few steps to becoming an official Colony RA for next year. Up to this point, the “responsibility” and “job” aspect of it all wasn’t quite there yet so I’m having a blast. To start, CBU hosted the annual Christian College Leadership Conference, which all upcoming student leaders from area Christian universities attend. Azusa Read full article »

Behind the Scenes

Towards the beginning of this semester, I began working for the CBU’s Conferences and Events team. I work an average of 10 to 15 hours a week, and during those hours I’m usually wrapping cords, setting up tables and chairs, controlling lights, and the like. We set up and tear down everything, from chapel to concerts to club fairs… it’s Read full article »

The Final Month

One month. There is one month left of school until graduation. It is safe to say that I am freaking out a little bit. As I sat down to reflect on the past week and write this blog, I realized I did not do anything exciting this past week. Getting ready to graduate has filled my plate with an endless Read full article »

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