There is one thing I have learned while being in choir. When you constantly have to sing for concerts on weekends, you are bound to get tired of the constant singing and traveling. Being apart of the University Choir and Orchestra has been great, but all of these concerts have made me look forward to a break.

After this weekend, UCO will have completed nine concerts in 15 days. Granted five of those concerts happened the weekend of mini tour, but, regardless, it is a lot of concerts in a short amount of time. I was ready for a break, but these concerts reminded me why we are doing this.

At both concerts I had family and friends in attendance, which means I was able to have good conversation with people who were in the audience and to see how they were affected by the concert. Everyone I talked to loved the time of worship that night.

This reminded me that we are singing for a greater purpose. We are not just singing to show people how great we are but to show people how great our King is. Our goal is to lead the audience in a time of worship. We have the privilege of partaking in a time of worship every weekend, and for the past few weekends we had the privilege of doing it more than once.

No matter how many concerts we do, we are doing them for a greater purpose. It is a great reminder to have when life is full of concerts. Entering into a time of worship each time we are in choir is a privilege that we are given and it is a privilege we should take advantage of to the fullest.