When I learned for the first time that a college student only has, on average, three hours of class every day, I definitely romanticized that to mean that they must have so much free time. In fact, I was almost worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill all of that time with productive activities.

Looking back now I say… ha ha ha.

In an earlier blog, I wrote about “my 18 pairs of shoes” – all of my different commitments inside and outside of school that keep me plenty busy. But as I’m learning, the average student at CBU has the opportunity to own 18 pairs as well, just within the school itself!

My Residence Assistant for example, is not only an R.A. but she is also a member of CBU’s worship team and works some hours in the International Center. I’ve heard a couple of people say, “I feel like I’ve seen her everywhere!” So opposed to what the rumors may say about limited on-campus jobs in college, CBU definitely offers a plethora of job opportunities to keep their students busy!

But if you’re not someone looking to work, there are so many other activities to keep students busy. If you’re an athlete, recreational sports teams are being formed all throughout the year for different sports and seasons. That’s a fantastic way to get out and meet people with similar interests as you! I just realized last week that I missed soccer signups, which was a definite bummer, but I’m sure I’ll be out to watch a few games!

If you wouldn’t necessarily consider yourself an athlete but enjoy working out and staying fit, the Rec Center could become your new home! My roommates and I have a magnet on our fridge with the daily classes offered by the Rec Center. Every day, at least once if not twice or three times, the center offers group classes such as spinning, and you can also request a personal trainer for no additional cost, who will work with you throughout the semester. All of these services are already included in tuition, so be sure to take advantage of them!

Perhaps you’re not job-hunting, an athlete or someone who particularly enjoys trips to the gym. Well, outside of all of these are CBU’s nearly constant social events. Just last Tuesday, ASCBU hosted a movie night out on the lawn to kick off elections for student offices. Students were invited to come watch “Monsters University” together, and stands were set up with coffee, popcorn and Krispy Kreme donuts! What better way to bond college students than to serve them food?

Also last week, Tower Hall hosted a spaghetti night for Valentine’s Day. Tables were set up out front on the Tower Hall lawn, students came dressed in formal wear to enjoy a fun meal together, and sweet Italian music filled the air. The ambiance was a beautiful spectacle to see!

Even outside of all of these are the academic and spiritual seminars CBU offers nearly every week. If students are looking to be further spiritually replenished after chapel, CBU often brings in speakers to give talks on faith-based subjects such as dating, manhood and womanhood, and so on. I receive emails nearly daily announcing yet another academic seminar of some sort, covering subjects such as choosing a major, finding internships in your field, balancing academics with your social life…

And, the list goes on, and on, and on.

No CBU student ever has any excuse to be bored. CBU keeps on its toes, every minute of every day, so that students will receive the best that this education and atmosphere have to offer. So, get out and take advantage, Lancers!