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Mini Tour 2014

This past weekend was packed with bus rides, concerts, and staying in strangers’ homes. This weekend was mini tour with the University Choir and Orchestra. What is mini tour, you ask? Mini tour is a weekend where UCO traveled to Arizona and put on a weekend of concerts. Mini tour is just a quick version of the two week tour Read full article »

The Best of the Best

There are several things in life that prove to round each of us out and make us who we are today. These things include defining moments and experiences as well as each interest and passion. Some of the biggest things to enrich and shape my outlook were astounding mentors, reading the Harry Potter series with my dad, discovering the unending Read full article »

Get Out and Take Advantage, Lancers!

When I learned for the first time that a college student only has, on average, three hours of class every day, I definitely romanticized that to mean that they must have so much free time. In fact, I was almost worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill all of that time with productive activities. Looking back now I say… ha Read full article »

About the Twenties

I’ll be honest and say that lately, I’ve been feeling old. All too many mornings now begin with the consequences of waking up after a night of staying up an hour later than I should have – including a sore back, head and seeming inability to move. I also find my days filled with hurried trips from one place to Read full article »

Goals for a Goal

Intramural Co-ed Competitive Soccer. It’s strange to think that I’ve actually been anticipating this 2014 season ever since my first exposure to the league last year. Growing up in a third world Latino culture where every young boy is brainwashed to believe that they will lead their national team to the next FIFA World Cup, I can confidently say that Read full article »

A Broken World

As a future teacher, many of my courses require me to do observation or tutoring hours. I am required to do a mixture of both for a total of about 15 hours this semester. I have been working with sixth graders the past few weeks, tutoring them in math and language arts. When I was told I would be working with this group, I thought I would have a difficult time. I honestly Read full article »

Persons of CBU

A while back, I stumbled across a fantastic blog called Humans of New York that I still keep up with to this day. The entire concept centers on a photographer who captures pictures of people as they go about their daily lives. He then posts these photos, with permission, and shares a bit of the conversation he had with the Read full article »

The Most Wonderful Time of the Semester

Every year I most look forward to one event that residence life puts on: Woofest. Since freshman year it has been my favorite event to attend. I mean, who doesn't want to get dressed up and get "wooed" by the boys of CBU? Woofest has never disappointed, and this year was no different. This past Friday, Feb. 7th, was the date Read full article »

Rival Rematch

When rivals face off, those watching cannot help but feel the thrill. Although they may disagree, Azusa Pacific University is CBU’s main competitor in Division II athletics. Even before the switch from NAIA to NCAA, the Lancers have been facing off with the Cougars for years now, and the same drive for domination persists even to today. Lancer basketball was Read full article »


One of the things I pat CBU on the back for most is its constant effort to provide students opportunities to be exposed. Now what I mean by this is that, often times, private schools carry the reputation of shielding their students; keeping them inside a bubble, far away from the “real world,” where they’ll be safe and comfortable. Here’s the Read full article »

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