Do you ever have one of those weekends where you can’t wait for Monday? Or is it just me? Well, this past weekend was one. Things happened, events were missed, and all I knew is I just wanted Monday. I really wanted the weekend to be over. So, Monday I rolled out of bed, put on a killer outfit, ready to conquer the day.

Yeah, it’s slightly crazy and doesn’t quite make sense, especially when my first class on Monday is at 8 a.m. However, it was not the getting up for class that I was excited about, but what was going to happen after class. This week, I started tutoring. As a liberal studies major, I have to do many hours of tutoring and observations in classrooms. This has always been my favorite part of classes, because it is what gets me inside the classroom doing what I really want to do.

This semester, I have to do more than 20 hours of tutoring and observation. Monday I starting my tutoring hours and worked in a sixth grade classroom. When I walked into the classroom, the teacher asked me to tutor some students in math. My first thought was, “Really? You want me to tutor sixth grade math?” You see, I love math, and it has always been one of my better subjects, but the last time I took a math class was a few years ago. Needless to say, I was slightly nervous that I would confuse these students more. I did forget one little detail! I was the teacher, so I got the teacher book that had all the answers.

One of my favorite parts about tutoring is working with students and observing the process so that I understand what they are struggling with. It’s not even something that can be explained, but it is amazing to watch. There was one student who was struggling with ratios and fractions. As I worked with him I could see the wheels inside his head turning, trying to figure out the correct answer. I could see that he really wanted to understand the math problems. By the end of the hour he was still struggling, but he had grown just a little.

After a long weekend all I needed was a good Monday to start the week!