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Bring it On, CBU

All this week, the CBU campus was alive and buzzing with students going to and from their student leadership interviews. Interviews for fall positions are done early to allow time for training before the next school year begins, which is a plus, because returning students know early that they will have an on-campus job waiting for them in the fall… Read full article »

Reaching for Monday

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you can’t wait for Monday? Or is it just me? Well, this past weekend was one. Things happened, events were missed, and all I knew is I just wanted Monday. I really wanted the weekend to be over. So, Monday I rolled out of bed, put on a killer outfit, ready Read full article »

Letters to the Past

A friend and I were recently talking about the odd progression of time and how different everything looks in retrospect. There are so many things we wish that we could say, as we are now, to our past and future selves. I distinctly remember writing a note to myself the night before I graduated high school that was meant to Read full article »

My 18 Pairs of Shoes

This week, I learned a little something about what it really feels like to be an adult, rather than just a “college kid.” While my time was primarily consumed with classes and homework assignments, I also continued the process of learning how to juggle school responsibilities with life responsibilities – and, how to distinguish between the two. The older you get, Read full article »

Lancer Pride

This is the year of Lancer basketball. Since this is only the first official season for Lancer athletic teams to compete in NCAA Division II, I was not expecting anything spectacular this year. Last year I attended a few games, but only to receive a free shirt or compete in half time half-court shots. I knew nothing about the team’s Read full article »

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

L.O.V.E. – We talk about this little word with big underlying principals often. We all have thought about its implications on our lives, and more often than not, this word is one that is thrown around without consequence. For example, I’ll readily say that I love coffee, the same way I love books and movies. This week, I have started Read full article »

Living Your Purpose

I know what you’re thinking, am I really going to talk about living your purpose? I get it; it’s one of the most clique things that is said at CBU. For goodness sake, it’s on all of the banners around campus, everyday we are reminded to live our purpose.  Trust me when I say, I get it. Just hear me Read full article »

Filling Up My Planner

Well friends, spring semester is officially in full swing. Classes have started, which also means homework. Of course, when school starts, life kicks into full gear. To be honest, I was ready to start school and for break to be over. Not because I was ready to start the actual school part and homework part but because I was ready to get back to my friends Read full article »

To Be a Vessel

You know it was a successful first week of school when you found all of your classes without getting lost, were able to collect your stack of textbooks without spending a Benjamin and discovered that you somehow have no classes on Wednesdays, even though you’re taking a full load of 18 units. Oh, the glory of three-hour digital media courses! Read full article »

A Free Weekend

The first weekend of the semester will always be open. In the first three days of class, one of which is dedicated to the syllabus, it is nearly impossible to have any form of assignments due the following Monday. You might learn about upcoming projects and papers, but there’s usually nothing too immediate. Not even an accelerated class could steal Read full article »

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