Living area events are fun social events organized by Resident Assistants (RAs) for the enjoyment of their residents. I invested a good chunk of my freshman year staying up late with movie nights, late night Denny’s runs, dorm hall competitions, Lancer athletic games, and, of course, any hangout event complimented by a box of donuts. Only a couple guys in the hall knew each other at the beginning of the year, but by the end, any of us could walk into our RA’s room and laugh about the random [insert article of clothing/food container] that mysteriously appeared on the hall. I grew accustomed to that life style and even helped organize a few events myself. Coming into sophomore year I looked forward a similar experience. I’d forgotten, though, that apartment life is a little different.

I quickly realized that I was no longer living with 25 other fresh-out-of-high school guys. The Colony life style might be the complete opposite. I have only 3 roommates, a furnished apartment with kitchen and living room, and enough space to stretch out a bit. The convincing factor is the silence, though, since after-hours in the dorms meant all forms of hall mayhem accompanied with stomps and shouts from every direction. The change, however, was expected since being a year older means that everyone in the Colony is a calm, sensible adult, right? As much as I appreciated the lack of bodies slamming into my door late at night and the following “sorry about that man,” I missed the community aspect of dorm life. Luckily, I still have an RA so it was only a matter of time before that first event flyer would be pinned on my door.

Sadly enough, I didn’t anticipate my work schedule which prevented me from attending almost all of my RA’s events this semester. For a while I almost dreaded finding yet another flyer on my door that advertised a social hangout during my night shift. This week, however, I found a small paper on my door decorated with a gingerbread house and a date and time that I could actually attend. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but I’d waited all semester to hang out at an event with my RA and neighbors. The event was out on the grass where a row of tables with gingerbread house materials and a hot cinnamon-coffee-type drink waited to be built and consumed. The main attraction was the ginger bread house building competition, and I jumped in on that right away. I thought my engineering experience would translate well into the design of ornate desert houses, but I quickly learned how horrible I am with anything relating to frosting or good looking pastries. Either way, I enjoyed just having a fun time with my RA and neighbors, and completely butchering a Walmart gingerbread house kit.