Sometimes I feel like all I do is plan and help with events. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job as a resident advisor, but I am ready for Thanksgiving break to be here so I can have a little break.

The last event the Colony put on was the 1st Annual Colony Harvest Festival on Tuesday night. It was a great night filled with food, games, and friends. For one meal swipe residents could get the CBU Bowl or Dirty Mac, kettle corn, and a variety of international foods. We were lucky to be able to partner with the International Center during their International Celebration Week. The International Center brought a variety of foods from different countries for the Colony residents to try.

Once residents had food they could sit on hay bales, eat, hang out, and play games. Some of the games we had included turkey bowling, potato sack races, three legged races, corn hole, target shooting, and more. One of the reasons we had all these games going was so we could have a living area competition within the Colony. If you didn’t know, the Colony consists of three areas; North, East, and West. So it’s only natural that we would want to see who could come out victorious.

Throughout the night, residents were encouraged to play games and earn points for their living area. There was one game that was played about every fifteen minutes, what we ended up calling “The Hunt.” The inspiration behind this game was from something known as the “greased pig,” where you grease a pig up and watch people try to catch the pig. We knew we would not be able to pull that off, therefore we came up with a modified version where we used some of our fabulous RA’s. Whoever was acting as the pig wore a bright pink shirt, a pig nose, pig ears, and a set of flag football flags attached to them. On the signal, residents would take off, find the pig, and pull the flag off.  During the first few rounds of this game the winner earned points for their living area, and during the last rounds the winner received a gift card.

At the end of the night the resident’s of west colony proved to be victorious by gaining the most points to win the living area competition.  The night was packed full of craziness and fun, and was definitely worth the hours of planning that it took.  Now on to planning the next event, but first, Thanksgiving break!