Have you ever had one of those weeks – a week that was long for really no reason at all? Well that was me last week. I didn’t have an exceptionally large amount of homework or many late night activities; it was simply a long week. So when Friday rolled around I was ready for a good dose of medicine for the soul, and that’s just what I got.

On Fridays I only have one class, art. Fortunately, I have that class with one of my good friends, Sierra and that makes the class one of my favorites. Right now in our art class we are doing presentations. There is one a day, and after a classmate shares a PowerPoint we work on an art project. Last Friday we happened to be working on a project that allowed us to be creative and do our own thing. By the end of class, Sierra and I had been giggling about what we were putting together.

When class was over, we headed to the post with our projects in hand. Now, mind you, these were good-sized crosses that we had decorated, not just a project you could shove into your backpack. Oh, another note – Sierra had two projects in her hands, one was the cross and the other was a clay bust that we had completed a few weeks ago.

Let me take you back a few weeks to when we made these busts. The presenter for that day decided to talk about Roman sculptures, and our assignment was to create a bust of the person sitting next to us.  Therefore, I made one of Sierra and she made one of me.  So on Friday, Sierra was actually carrying around a bust of my head that she had made.

On our way to the post things started going slightly crazy.  Pieces started falling off the bust, which sent us into full on laughing bursts. Eventually, what had been my hair came completely off and the bust was bald. You better believe that had us laughing for a good five minutes. Then things were falling off our crosses as well, and that would make us laugh even more. Basically we were a mess, but we didn’t care. We got what we needed from the post and then headed back to the main part of campus, laughing and having a good time.

The fifteen minutes I spent with Sierra laughing and having a good time was exactly what I needed after the long week I had just experienced. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul.