This weekend involved two of my favorite events thatCalifornia Baptist University puts on: Residence Life’s Halloween event and Fortuna Bowl.
This year was the 3rd Annual Halloween Event with the theme “Toy Story.” For those of you who do not knowabout this event, I will outline it for you. Throughout the night, students and faculty can go on a hayride where they will watch a series of scenes acted out by the resident advisors (RA’s) from different living areas. My staff, West Colony, was given the task of acting out the toy soldier scene when they are listening for what toys Andy received for his birthday. We had about a minute to do this five minute scene, so we decided to use the part where a soldier gets stepped on and another soldier says, “A good soldier never leaves a man behind.” So on Halloween night, I dressed up like a toy soldier and, along with the five guys on my staff, acted the scene out many, many times. It was a crazy, exhausting night acting the scene over and overagain, but it was so much fun. It’s always a ton of fun to be a part of an event like this at CBU.
This past weekend was homecoming and with that came Fortuna Bowl, another one of my favorite events. I would even venture to guess that it is one of the biggest events on campus. Fortuna Bowl is the intermural flag football championship game.  Since, CBU doesn’t have its own football team, this flag football championship is exciting for us students. Every year, bleachers are set up, the field is drawn out, and the announcers are in place for the night.There are two championship games played: a women’s and a men’s game.  The reigning champions the Bus Driverseventually took the title over SWAT again. However, the most exciting game Saturday night was the men’s game,Webelos vs. Stealth 2.0. It looked like Stealth was going to win the game when the Webelos tied it, forcing the game into overtime.  By the time it was over the game had gone into quadruple overtime. Eventually, Stealth 2.0 took the win, ending a long and exciting experience.
With Toy Story, Homecoming, and Fortuna Bowl, there were plenty of things to fill the weekend with fun. I always love events at CBU. They are fun, entertaining, and keep me coming back for more.