CBU Homecoming Weekend is always a highlight of my fall semester. This will only be my second, but the average student will attend at least four of them, so I can confidently say that I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve experienced. The big day lands on a Saturday, too, which is perfect for my busy weekday schedule and Sunday Male Chorale concerts. Technically, the two-day day event started on Friday. The main attraction, though, is the next day with the Block Party and Fortuna Bowl. Through my vast experience with homecoming, I’ve developed a method to make the most of the fun times that await. At least, I thought I did. Usually the best times to be had are the ones you don’t plan for.

The day started bright and early, 11 a.m., out on the front lawn. You can’t have a CBU event without the opportunity to snag a free t-shirt, so I started at the line in front of the ASCBU tent. This year’s shirt was the image of the CBU Lancer painted by David Garibaldi, an America’s Got Talent finalist and performance painter, who actually visited the campus on Friday. Receiving free clothing is great, but the main attraction is everything else. Between food trucks, academic department tents, and bounce houses, there is plenty to do. Obviously, I favored the last one on the list, although waiting in line behind 7-year-olds made me feel old. Last year, I spent the majority of the afternoon racing through obstacle courses and literally bouncing off the walls . I thought I might make a repeat performance, but last year I wasn’t in Male Chorale during the fall semester.

Part two of homecoming started at 2 p.m. with a Male Chorale sound check. I always tell my friends to come see the group perform Sunday nights, but the locations are never close enough for an easy drive. No location is closer, though, than the center of the front lawn. Now that we’re more than half way through the semester, our sound is much better, too. I’m always laughing and smiling through normal concerts, and this time was no different. If anything, I was more excited to sing for people I actually recognized. My grandpa was there, too, which made it even more special. After finishing the hour long concert, I was about to leave when I was assigned to the crew to tear down the entire stage and sound equipment. That was definitely not on my 3-step plan for a successful homecoming experience, but I like helping wherever I can.

That tear down kept me busy until 6:40 p.m., but we finished just in time for the final part of the day: Fortuna Bowl. I managed to change and get back over to the front lawn in time to receive a free hot dog dinner, courtesy of ASCBU (again), and watch the end of the woman’s flag football finals. The homecoming court walked on the field next, which could’ve been me this year since I was nominated for Sophomore Prince. The main focus, though, was Mr. and Mrs. CBU. The funny thing was that Mr. CBU ended up being Josh Siemens, who was about to play with Weeblos in the men’s flag football finals following the crowning. That game did not disappoint, either, with a quadruple overtime performance and Stealth taking the cup with a surprise QB run. The anticipation for an amazing firework show doubled with each overtime draw, and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t know how CBU does it, but every year the sky is lit up with a show that even Disneyland would want to come see. Such a great day.