The Alumni Dining Commons: the safe haven for all CBU students to cherish and enjoy. While some prefer the casual atmosphere of Brisco’s or the quick grab-n-go quality of Subway, there will always be a time and place for a pleasant meal at the caf. As a connoisseur of scrumptious dinners, and an always-hungry male college student, I try my best to fit in at least one visit to the sacred grounds each day. I actually do feel an emptiness inside of me (not of food, but of fulfillment) when I steer away from the doors leading to the never-ending waffle bar inside the ADC. It’s not that I need a daily ADC fix to keep me stable; I just want a solid meal that no made-to-order sandwich will ever match. With such a strong attachment to the happiest place on earth, it should come as no surprise that I started working for Provider this semester as a dish washer. I say this not to foreshadow an article about the complexities involved in removing trays and washing pans, although there is much, much more that goes on back there. I just want to justify my own claims about the caf since I speak from both the consumer and employee level. Having said that, I still want to focus on what is important: the food.

More specifically, I want to focus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, more commonly known as sushi days. Two times a week, or three if you count Sunday brunch, the Kamiyami Sushi title is hoisted over the serving area closest to the beverage station. Of all the days to skip out on your friend’s invitation to eat a small lunch at Brisco’s, you should choose sushi day. I thought the upperclassmen were joking last year when they told us stories of the limitless of California rolls and gone-too-soon Shrimp Avocado rolls. It’s the combination of these two which really keep me coming back to grab another plate. As amazing as the rice rolls taste, they usually act more as a complement to my tray with a main entrée or two, a bowl of fruit with yogurt, and a tall glass of pomegranate blueberry flavored water. Last Wednesday, however, sushi became so much more.

Wednesdays are usually my more relaxing days of the week, but that morning I knew I had too much to accomplish in too little time. I had a good 40 minute pocket of time for lunch and of course my stomach pushed me to the ADC. I wasn’t feeling up to my usual positive self, and I needed a kick start. Then, the greatest of ideas broke through my clouded, stressed out mind: just eat sushi.

Like the old saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is a better thing,” or something along those lines. I’ve been meaning to give it a try all semester but never had the motivation. Today was perfect. Four of my friends and I began the challenge. Only plates of sushi would be allowed, along with a light beverage. You can only grab one plate at a time, so we made too many return trips. The lady serving caught on pretty quick but had no problem dishing them out to us. We stacked the plates all onto one tray and built a little fortress of sushi trays, which changed half through when they ran out of the first kind. No idea why that would happen.

The sushi runs slowed down after we reached our fourth plate, but I was determined to go on. I downed my sixth plate with the satisfaction of a job well down. Then we counted and tallied up the scores. We were at 96 pieces between the five of us. We grabbed one more plate to even it at 100 rolls of sushi. I had proudly consumed 27 rolls and enjoyed every second of it. Hi-fives abounded. The whole time that we were there laughing and playing with chop sticks, I had forgotten about all of my worries. I was relaxed and ready to tackle all of my assignments. I left the caf in such a better mood than when I entered.  I love the ADC.