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Events Keep Me Going

Living area events are fun social events organized by Resident Assistants (RAs) for the enjoyment of their residents. I invested a good chunk of my freshman year staying up late with movie nights, late night Denny’s runs, dorm hall competitions, Lancer athletic games, and, of course, any hangout event complimented by a box of donuts. Only a couple guys in Read full article »

“Dig Deep, and Embrace the Challenge”

Last week, enrollment for next semester’s classes opened up online for CBU’s freshmen. Excited to exercise our independence and choose our classes without a StepAhead instructor looking over our shoulder for the first time (no offense, StepAhead instructors!) we all got to work registering for classes at our own pace. I personally began by trying to balance out my full schedule Read full article »

Events, Events, Events!

Sometimes I feel like all I do is plan and help with events. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job as a resident advisor, but I am ready for Thanksgiving break to be here so I can have a little break. The last event the Colony put on was the 1st Annual Colony Harvest Festival on Tuesday night. It was Read full article »

Being a Cause for Thankfulness

Friends, the time is upon us. Stores have been advertising pumpkin everything, classes are speeding up the pace in preparation for upcoming vacations, and I find myself constantly aware of an intense craving for turkey. It is time for us to pack up the books (and unwashed laundry) and head home once again for Thanksgiving Break! This season always brings about Read full article »

A Male Chorale Weekend

I’ve dedicated a good half of all of my weekends to Male Chorale this semester.  The buses have hauled us over to Westminster, Fountain Valley, Littlerock, and Hemet, with the longest ride taking a little over an hour. There’s always a hint of excitement among us as we load onto the buses in our suits and ties, most of us Read full article »

Let’s Talk Relationships

In first coming to CBU, I was aware of the (in)famous concept of “Ring by Spring.” The topic of dating and the thought behind this phrase definitely rings true on this campus (no pun intended). The reality of this topic surrounds us – couples abound, and dating is discussed in any circle of friends gathered for lunch at Brisco’s. Several Read full article »


With midterm madness now well behind, us CBU students are finally able to begin busily and cheerfully anticipating the holiday season. This means a few different things, of course – primarily that our schedules have become so dense, we’re sometimes struggling to breathe. But reassurance is found in the fact that the density is a very, very good thing. With the Read full article »

Medicine For The Soul

Have you ever had one of those weeks – a week that was long for really no reason at all? Well that was me last week. I didn't have an exceptionally large amount of homework or many late night activities; it was simply a long week. So when Friday rolled around I was ready for a good dose of medicine Read full article »

A Visitation of Old Themes

It’s interesting how certain themes pop up continually throughout film, literature, and life. Reflections of certain ideas are seen in various art forms because they are continually relevant to us – they reveal elements of humanity, and people will always encounter them. One such idea has been presenting itself to me consistently over the past few weeks. It is one Read full article »

A Busy Weekend

This weekend involved two of my favorite events thatCalifornia Baptist University puts on: Residence Life’s Halloween event and Fortuna Bowl. This year was the 3rd Annual Halloween Event with the theme “Toy Story.” For those of you who do not knowabout this event, I will outline it for you. Throughout the night, students and faculty can go on a hayride where they will watch a series of scenes acted out Read full article »

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