“So, what’s your major?”

We are all entirely too familiar with this question. It is one that may either provoke an internal eye roll or a beneficial discussion, but – either way – it is a part of our general college “getting to know you” conversation. While this is a basic question on the surface, I quickly realize that behind each simple answer (aviation, engineering, theatre, etc.), there is a story waiting to be told and plans waiting to be related. When you meet another person with the same major as you, instant friendship is built; you both find that in sharing the same interests and aspirations, you can walk through classes together and bounce thoughts off each other.

When I had this age-old conversation once again this past weekend, I thought it beneficial to share my perspective on my areas of study and what led me to choosing these.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am in my third year as an English major. When I first came to CBU, I knew that I adored stories, analytical discussion, and expressing my thoughts about literature through writing. I did not have a clear goal in mind as to what I wanted to do with these passions, but I knew that I love school and wanted to pursue an education in English. As time went on and I experienced each of my literature classes, it became so apparent to me that I am in the right field. I have gleaned so much from my professors, who have helped me to improve and to increase my passion beyond what I could have ever expected. It was through experiencing personal changes in my classes and through consulting with my professors that I decided to pursue a career in this field – namely, I want to teach at the college level. If I can someday impact another soul the way my professors here have impacted me, I count that as a success. God creates each of us uniquely to advance His Kingdom, and I am continuously finding that working toward my goals and using these passions may give Him honor.

In taking more classes and exploring other interests, I considered adding a minor that would expand my knowledge of another area and complement the work I had been pursuing. I took a hybrid film and literature course with one of my favorite professors and wound up exploding into a ball of love and enthusiasm for the subject. I began to see how, in my eyes, literature and film go hand in hand. Both studies complement each other, as they deal with the close analysis of art forms that carry a weighty cultural impact. As I began to see my passion for each subject increase my appreciation of the other, I decided to declare a film studies minor and dive right into this new area.

As this semester continues on and demands so much of me academically, I have discovered through each class exactly how much I love being able to refine my work and use it in serving the Creator. I keep learning how to view both reading and watching films as more and more of an intelligent practice. Not only do these actions offer entertainment and insight into the human mind, they reflect the glory of God through provoking narratives and various displays of humanity throughout. When reading or watching a piece of film with a Christian worldview, it becomes so edifying to see how the art forms can constantly point to the Maker and inspire us to live more fully. I believe that God loves stories, as he uses them at points throughout the Bible to demonstrate His truths, provoke action in us, and relate His glory more clearly. The very fact that He gave us an amazing written work in the form of the Bible to reveal Himself to us speaks so powerfully to me. In seeking to honor my Lord in everything that I do, I have been abundantly blessed to find that He has gifted me with a mind and passion for stories, and He is constantly showing me how that can be used to make His name great.

As I considered all of this – different majors, conversations about them, and a growing thirst for knowledge – I was reminded of how interesting it is that each individual reason for pursuing an area of study in higher education points to the vastness of thought and skill set found among fellow humans. It is astounding how many people are so multifaceted with their talents and determinations to use them throughout life. Our God truly is infinitely great and created us all so diversely so that we can glorify Him in innumerable ways. If you’re still seeking out a major to pursue, or wondering how your education might be used in a future career, remember that you have been created uniquely to honor the Creator. Whatever that looks like, pursue His Kingdom first, and be blessed in seeing how you, uniquely you, may love and honor God. I’ll leave you with a quote by the brilliant Christ-follower C.S. Lewis, who phrases this better than I ever could:

“The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become – because He made us. He invented us. He invented all the different people that you and I were intended to be…. It is when I turn to Christ, when I give up myself to His personality, that I first begin to have a real personality of my own.”