Residential assistants (RAs) put on a few educational events throughout the semester.  Last Tuesday, October 8th, West Colony had a prayer and worship event called, “What in the World?”

When we sat down as a staff to plan our first educational event, we tossed around a ton of ideas. Eventually we settled on having a night of prayer, with some worship to begin and end the night. Two of the guys on my staff and I headed up the event. We were in charge of the getting the “big stuff” done. We worked on figuring out who would do worship, what needed to be ordered from Conference and Events, and how the night would be run. Let’s just say figuring out all of this stuff was stressful. Planning this event and keeping up with the day-to-day events of my own life kept me busy for a few weeks.

The night of the event came, and we were ready for business. We were set up on the Colony Lawn (the big grassy area near the pool), a stage in the middle surrounded by tables. Our goal was to inform residents how they could be praying for CBU, Riverside, California, The United States, and the World. The way each table came together was awesome. Each table was run by two members of my staff. They were share with the residents, and they were able to decorate the table in any way they wanted.

The night started with 30 minutes of worship. The worship was an acoustic and intimate, setting the perfect mood for the night. Afterward, the residents walked around to each table, collecting information from each of us. We encouraged them to pray for the things we were telling them about and even gave them handouts as reminders. Once the evening started to slow down, we ended with a few worship songs.

While this event was slightly stressful for the planners, it was also wonderful. It is awesome to go to a school where we encourage each other to pray, and we can worship together. We have an incredible privilege to be able to participate in events like this at CBU. I would encourage you to scope out the events that are happening around campus and stop by, even if it is only for a few minutes.