Another week, another intramural sport.  I’ve learned at CBU that fall is the season of foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and almost every intramural sport I enjoy playing. Honestly, with 18 units of classes, Male Chorale, FOCUS leadership, blogging and sometimes sleeping, I probably shouldn’t join rec sports at all, but I need something to keep myself moving. Solving for voltages across resistors is exciting, and nothing gets my blood pumping quite like deriving Boolean algebra expressions from binary logic tables. There is a need, however, even for engineers-in-training to be active. With football season nearing its end (at least for those teams not making play-offs, like mine), Community Life opened up registration for intramural co-ed volleyball. Dodgeball will be around the corner soon, but let’s stay focused on today.

I had plans to create a team this year, but that’s always a little more complicated than it sounds. Co-ed sports require at least two girls to play during each game, and in the competitive league that can be a bit difficult. Last year, I joined my friend Austin Border’s team with no idea how we would actually compare to everyone else. We even named ourselves the One Hit Wonders, just so we could laugh about it during each game. Surprisingly, we competed well, and our team even developed a signature celebration of shouting “OOOH!” and giving high fives after points for and against us. With such a fun season last year, it was no surprise that we wanted to remake the team this year. By the time I started finding new team members, though, Austin had joined his roommate’s team and invited the four of us returners to join. Again, I’m a busy student, so I was completely OK with doing less work.

We played our first game last night in the Rec Center, which is a new location for volleyball this year. Three volleyball nets split the basketball courts in half where teams were warming up and competing since 7 p.m. Our game was at 9:40 p.m., which is late for some but ideal for students like me who have midday lab classes or have to work.  That’s another reason I like volleyball season: I can actually make it to the games. Surprisingly, all 10 of us on the team showed up, too, which isn’t usually the case. I was psyched to be on the court again, and us One Hit Wonders brought back the “OOOH”s with full force.  We ended up winning, but I didn’t want the game to end. Unlike football, you can easily crack jokes and relax with friends during games–definitely a winning combination of competitive sport and socializing. The atmosphere is just right. It’s going to a good season.