Recently my roommates and I decided we don’t do anything exciting on Friday night. Basically, we are boring 21-year-olds. Well, maybe we didn’t just discover it, but we did decide we needed to change that little fact. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with spending a Friday night at home watching a movie. We just wanted to add a little spice to our homework filled lives. So this past Friday my roommate and I set out to make our night a little more exciting then usual.

When two of my roommates left for the weekend last Friday, Carley and I were left alone at the apartment. Our Friday was beginning to look like any other Friday night here on campus, filled with homework. The only exciting thing we had done was to take a short trip to the Apple Store, only because Carley’s phone decided it wanted to stop working.  After a quick fix, we were on our way to another eventless Friday night. After we got back, we hurried to finish an assignment that was due at 5 p.m., and we went to Subway for dinner around 6. We were headed back to the Colony apartments when we decided we needed to do something more exciting then homework on a Friday night. I mentioned that The Daily Brew, a local coffee house, was having an open mic night, and we decided to head there for the evening.

Now being two single ladies meant that we couldn’t just hop back into the car and head to The Brew.  Of course we had to get ready for the evening, make ourselves look good.  Only when we were satisfied did we head to The Brew.

Going to open mic nights can be a gamble. You never know what kind of artists are going to play or if they will be any good.  We took the risk and figured it had to be better then any night spent in our apartment doing homework. Boy, were we correct in that assumption! This open mic night was incredible. Carley and I were blown away by the talent of these artists. There were several solo artists, along with a duo and a brass ensemble. I’m pretty sure we were a little too excited about that last part. We sat in our chairs sipping on coffee and tea, listening to incredible talent.

We were at this open mic night for a few hours and, by the time, we left it was around 10. (I know, we’re real party animals.) We got back to our apartment and turned on a movie. Sure, our Friday night ended just like any other, but beginning of the night took some unexpected turns. One of the awesome things about Riverside is there are many places to go on a Friday night. Check out the hot spots around town, and you are guaranteed to have a good time.