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And Thus, the Doors Swing Open

It’s no secret to those who know and love me that I have a huge passion for kids, and a heart for those left behind or neglected. But a couple of years ago, my passion for mission trips was born. I went overseas to an orphanage in Guatemala, where I met some of the happiest kids on earth… only find Read full article »

Going Home

Living on campus makes it easy to forget about home. I know that makes me sound like an ungrateful son, but with all of the class projects and campus events and work hours and caf dinners and apartment routines, you shouldn't be too surprised. The absence of a car for me to drive also keeps me on campus for most Read full article »

A Major Discussion

“So, what’s your major?” We are all entirely too familiar with this question. It is one that may either provoke an internal eye roll or a beneficial discussion, but - either way - it is a part of our general college “getting to know you” conversation. While this is a basic question on the surface, I quickly realize that behind each Read full article »

Expect the Unexpected

A few weeks ago I received an email from an organization called Youth Works. This email basically said, “Last summer you expressed interest in working with us and we wanted to let you know our application for the summer of 2014 is now open.”At first I was really confused, I had never heard of this organization before, but I thought Read full article »

Its not all Calculus

I’ve written mainly about my life outside of classes, which I realize can be deceiving  since that is where the majority of my time and patience is spent. Not that you would want to watch a reality television show entitled “The Real Life of Stressed Out Engineering Majors” with dynamic settings of late night study sessions and overused whiteboard calculations. Read full article »

What in the World?

Residential assistants (RAs) put on a few educational events throughout the semester.  Last Tuesday, October 8th, West Colony had a prayer and worship event called, “What in the World?” When we sat down as a staff to plan our first educational event, we tossed around a ton of ideas. Eventually we settled on having a night of prayer, with some worship Read full article »

On People, and the Fullness of Life

Friends, the week has begun, once again, with countless reminders of why I love life as a student on a campus such as this. Even the driest bits of my daily routine are so full of simple joys that I really can’t complain at all. The “low” point of this past week consisted of me, half-consumed coffee in hand, hair Read full article »

“The TRUE College Experience”

I’ve heard many times that, while academics is definitely a priority of the college student, a student cannot fully have “the TRUE college experience” without hobbies, friends, and time left aside for devotionals to keep their academic schedule company. By this time (almost halfway through the first semester of freshman year), a student has either developed that healthy balance or Read full article »

Sleepwalking and Faithfulness

We all have those uneventful weekends: the ones that pass by slowly, consisting only of late mornings, brunches, movies and homework (all done in only the comfiest of pajamas). I have a tendency to take these weekends for granted, but it takes one true whirlwind of 48 hours to remind me of the goodness of simplicity – as well as Read full article »

Season for Setting

Another week, another intramural sport.  I’ve learned at CBU that fall is the season of foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and almost every intramural sport I enjoy playing. Honestly, with 18 units of classes, Male Chorale, FOCUS leadership, blogging and sometimes sleeping, I probably shouldn’t join rec sports at all, but I need something to keep myself moving. Solving for voltages Read full article »

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