This past week was an important one for first-time freshmen here on the campus of CBU. We were introduced to some of CBU’s old and new traditions, including Tower Hall’s first ever ladies’ photoshoot, campaigning for the student government freshmen representative position, and the classic “T.W.I.R.P.” week.

I think my roommates would agree with me if I were to say that two days into this week, we’re already walking deadweights from everything that’s been spilling into our schedules—but in a very good way. I would definitely consider this past week to have been an introductory “true college experience” for all us freshies.

Last Thursday at 5 p.m., my roommates and I ran outside to catch up with the other train of Tower Hall ladies, pumped for our very first photoshoot. We quickly realized how alienated we were beside all the dresses and curls, so we smiled awkwardly, backpedaled, and came back more suitably decked out.

A few minutes later, all of us girls assembled ourselves in front of a rusty old truck, using fun props like an empty picture frame and rustic, unhinged door for embellishment, and snapped a bucket load of cheesy, adorable pictures. That next half hour was filled with childish giggling and girly bonding that I’m sure none of us will forget very soon. I can’t wait to see the finished products!

That same lighthearted Thursday marked one of the most pressured days of the school year for some of CBU’s determined freshmen representative candidates. I remember one of my sweet roommates, Lydia Nolen, staring a hole in her application as she scrambled to come up with the perfect statement of why she is interested in running for the position of freshmen president and thinking of how gosh-darn proud I was of her for pursuing such an admirable goal. (She’d make a great rep, you guys, just sayin’).

As elections have commenced, so have the sightings of big rep campaign posters, entertaining rep videos, and a surprise from one of the reps, who decided to send her poster out to every nearby wireless freshman printer. Surprise!

While the photoshoot and continuing election process have both been significant influences this past week here at CBU, nothing has been as much as a standout as the classic T.W.I.R.P. week, which stands for “The Woman Is Required to Pay.”

Tuesday morning, my roommates and I rolled out of bed at 5 a.m., made our zombie trot across campus to the Community Life Office, and stumbled sleepily into the already very long line of girls ready to buy tickets for T.W.I.R.P. events. The line consisted of many pairs of yoga pants, scraggly knots of hair, and fuzzy blankets. A few sleepy troopers had actually laid down on the ground and fallen asleep (I salute them).

While I, unfortunately, never made it to the front of the line because of my once-a-week 8 o’clock class (it’s way too fun to be missed!), I and those who also were unable to buy tickets will still have the opportunity to take our men out for Monday’s free coffee house T.W.I.R.P. event and Wednesday’s original “create a date evening” (I’m still trying to convince my boyfriend to let me drive for that one). So truly, there’s something for everyone, and now all us girls are counting the hours until we get to reverse roles for a week and treat our significant others – or, simply a best friend – to a good CBU time.

Reflection upon this week has led me to become very excited about whatever next week will hold. CBU seems to offer endless opportunities to their students to learn, grow, and enjoy life together.

Blessings on this next week! You’ll be hearing from me very soon,

Natalie :)