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Sidelines and Good Times

College football is a popular sport for CBU men to watch in the fall at their dorms and apartments, since CBU does not have a team of their own. Watching a game from your couch, though, doesn’t quite match the excitement of actually cheering with the other fans. And, then again, being a crazy fan doesn’t even compare to standing Read full article »

When Glitter Comes to Gloom

“We should do something creative to TWIRP the boys! Maybe we should make ‘em some big posters, and decorate their front porch…” At the time, my roommates loved this idea. We had no interest in being mediocre TWIRP-ers. After all, TWIRP week only comes once a year! We were determined to make this one memorable for our amigos over in The Read full article »

Zombies, and the Importance of Rest

Friends, this past week I had my first encounter with an acquaintance of mine who is feared by many and known widely as “Zombie Aubrey.” This figure emerges when I have neglected sleep, have not had an adequate amount of strong coffee and have spent entirely too much time buried in a textbook or glued to a screen. Think Jekyll Read full article »

Blessed with the Best

One of my favorite parts about being at CBU is being able to live on campus.  I have lived both on and off campus, and--while I didn’t hate living off campus--it’s just such a different experience living on campus. It allows you to be a part of a special community, a community that I love being part of. Plus when Read full article »

More than a Barbecue

CBU’s missionaries in residence live in a house on the edge of campus. For the time they are here, they’re working to help students from missionary families adjust and feel welcomed at CBU. Last Friday they hosted the first MK (missionary kid) barbecue event of the year, and I attended. That’s one thing you don’t know about me--I am also Read full article »

Sing, Sing, Sing

Well friends, we are two and half weeks into school. For those of you who don’t know, I am in University Choir and Orchestra. We meet each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4:30 to rehearse. I absolutely love being in this group and having the opportunity to grow as a musician.   If you are familiar with the choir program here Read full article »

Dresses, Reps, and T.W.I.R.P. — Oh My!

This past week was an important one for first-time freshmen here on the campus of CBU. We were introduced to some of CBU’s old and new traditions, including Tower Hall’s first ever ladies’ photoshoot, campaigning for the student government freshmen representative position, and the classic “T.W.I.R.P.” week. I think my roommates would agree with me if I were to say that Read full article »

Life, Stories, and a Multitude of Drops

I absolutely adore books. Not only do they prove to be informative, imaginative, and insightful, they have the ability to touch places within me that resonate for years thereafter. As Josh Riebock so eloquently puts it in Heroes and Monsters, “I have a crush on words.” I was blessed enough to spend a great deal of time over the summer becoming Read full article »

Leading and Enjoying New Student Orientation

CBU’s New Student Orientation is like no other. The university not only organizes a series of exciting events and worshipful sessions, but also demonstrates the unity between CBU staff and students. The time put in by all of the departments and student leaders sends a message that CBU truly cares about its students. I feel privileged to say that I Read full article »

The Beginning of the End

As we started the first week of school, I had already been living on campus and living CBU life for almost a month.  For those of you who don’t know, I am an RA in West Colony. For three weeks we had training and prepared for all of our residents to move on campus. These weeks were packed full of Read full article »

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