“Abigail! I saw you on the CBU page for Lancer Diaries! I didn’t know you wrote for them!”

Since Lancer Diaries has been on the CBU webpage as one of the banners, I’ve gotten this statement at least once a week. The flush of my cheeks could testify to the humility I feel upon receiving the acknowledgement. Who would’ve known that professors and friends of mine would take interest in a blog I write, some of them reading my blogs weekly! I would never have guessed. When my boyfriend, Chris, told me about the position during the summer before Fall ’12, he and I both thought it would be a great position for me to apply for, considering my love for writing. I had no clue, though, that in being hired, people would actually read something I had written. It has been humbling knowing that prospective students, current students, and professors have been reading my writing, much that has been personal and sometimes quite raw, and actually enjoying it. Talk about exceeding my expectations.

I’m not a journaler. I haven’t kept a diary since I was in 7th grade when I was so in love with Whatshisname. Still, though, I like to say to my friends and family that for me, the thoughts, ideas, dreams, and worries I have in my head every day don’t become concrete until I say them out loud, or even become tangible until I write them. I must admit, though, that writing out what’s on my heart in this humble blog of mine has been most gratifying. I was able to express my thoughts on education and my own life events, sharing pieces of who I am, and also think of helpful hints for fellow students experiencing stress. In doing so, I was able to externally process my heartfelt emotions as well as write a personal prescription for the stresses in my own schedule. Sometimes, my heart was grievous and heavy, and others it was joyful, always rejoicing in God’s sovereignty. In all of it, I have learned a little bit more of who I am – the light with the dark, beautiful with the ugly. Keeping this little blog for CBU exceeded my expectations not only in the humility factor, but also in the area of self-discovery.

Each time an acquaintance, friend, or professor acknowledged this Lancer’s diary, my heart fluttered in flattery and bashfulness, but isn’t that how we Christ-followers should respond to our responsibilities – out of humility and heartfelt joy? That we are dedicating our utmost focus and ability to glorifying our Lord through our work, incorporating bits of who we are as individuals into creating something beautiful in the sight of God? Being made in God’s image, our Creator, we have been given an air of creativity to express into everything we do. What an honor and privilege! This blog has been just that… a responsibility that has enabled me to communicate the creativity the Creator continues to bless me with. I’ve enjoyed it!

Friends, thank you for reading – for the humility it has caused me to feel, for letting me delve into the depths of my heart to share with you, and for allowing me to express God’s hand in my life through creativity.