Friends, we are coming amazingly close to the end of yet another fabulous year in school. What does it feel like, you ask? I’m still caught between euphoria and disbelief. On one hand, I am ecstatic to complete another semester and spend some quality homework-free time with friends and family. On the other hand, I am dazed at how quickly my sophomore year has flown by. So much has been packed into this year that I had convinced myself that it will never end, and now I am trying to get used to calling myself a soon-to-be junior in college.

While I am in the midst of finals week, I am immensely thankful for a few moments I get to spare spending time on my couch, listening to Simon and Garfunkel, and reflecting on how richly I have been blessed over the course of my second year at CBU. While I have encountered difficulties as well as triumphs, I can honestly say that I have learned so much this year and am so thankful for each new experience.

In summary, I would like to point out some of my greatest highlights over the course of the past year.

  • Living in an apartment was an entirely new experience. For the first time in my young adult life, I felt like a grown up with a place away from home to share with roommates. Living in the Colony on campus meant community, a kitchen, and more room to decorate. While there were these perks to apartment life, it also meant needing to buy our own cleaning supplies and toiletries, but that is something we all have to learn sooner rather than later. Overall, I have adored living in the on-campus apartments and with three wonderful women I am proud to call roommates. We studied together and burned cookies together, and those are moments I will not easily forget. Roomies, I will miss you so much over the summer, but there will be visits, I promise! I love you all and thank you so much for adding so much to the goodness of this year.
  • I really dove into my major classes this past year, and learned so much from each of them. I did not think that it was possible for me to become more passionate about literature than I already was, but after learning from some incredible professors, my passion has increased tenfold. My professors have even helped to awaken new passions in me, as I have recently declared a minor in film studies, which I am ecstatic to dive into. The classes offered at CBU and the caring, intelligent professors heighten the university’s integrity, and provide students with opportunities to grow so much in their academic abilities. I am so excited to continue my education here next year and in the years beyond.
  • As always, I have to express my gratitude for the people I have met at CBU who have provided me with incredibly edifying friendships and have pushed me constantly closer to the God we serve. I have made priceless friendships with like-minded people who are all passionate about learning and growing together, and I know that this year would not have been nearly as wonderful without them. My friends are responsible for countless great conversations over many a cup of coffee, and for side-splitting laughs that helped us to relieve stress and remind ourselves that life is a beautiful, enjoyable endeavor. Over the summer I will miss the concerts, the trips to Late Night Briscos, the movies, and the constant companionship, but I cannot wait for more to come. Next year, I know I can continue to grow, laugh, and learn with all of my wonderful friends, and I know that together we will continue to make the most of our experience as students at CBU.

This past year at CBU has been extraordinarily wonderful, and as eventful as I could have hoped for. God continues to bless me with opportunities to serve, learn, and experience life here, and I have really adored the wonderful ride that my sophomore year has been. Readers and friends, you are so valued and I pray that the end of this year brings with it as much blessing as was brought throughout. Thank you for enjoying this beautiful life at CBU with me!