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The End

“Abigail! I saw you on the CBU page for Lancer Diaries! I didn’t know you wrote for them!” Since Lancer Diaries has been on the CBU webpage as one of the banners, I’ve gotten this statement at least once a week. The flush of my cheeks could testify to the humility I feel upon receiving the acknowledgement. Who would’ve known that Read full article »

Final Thoughts

During my short time as a student blogger here at CBU, I have explained a few of my ideas. Recently, I wrote about self -acceptance. I believe that one must accept themselves as an individual and be comfortable with who they are. Too many times young people get caught up in the glamour that is hollywierd. Today’s society tells us that Read full article »

Thanks for Sticking Around!

Friends, we are coming amazingly close to the end of yet another fabulous year in school. What does it feel like, you ask? I’m still caught between euphoria and disbelief. On one hand, I am ecstatic to complete another semester and spend some quality homework-free time with friends and family. On the other hand, I am dazed at how quickly Read full article »

Living in a Pinterest World

Today’s world is a place full of technology, information, and endless resources.  If a person wanted to build a castle out of glow sticks, they could most likely find a tutorial for it.  It is a wonderful thing for poor college students, because with websites like Pinterest and Youtube, there are endless opportunities for fun and creativity. Pinterest is a website Read full article »

Moving Forward

We all know summer is quickly approaching, which means freedom for the most part. While summer is a time for us all to relax and enjoy ourselves, it doesn’t mean that we should regress. CBU will be operating during the summer months, and there are a few important classes being offered. The summer sessions are great opportunity for students to get Read full article »

The Inevitable

We are under the two-week mark, friends. Spring 2013 is almost complete. I am at the point in my education where a great number of my friends are graduating, beginning their careers, continuing on to higher education and moving away. Many people I have looked up to as an underclassman or befriended during choir tours. In three Saturdays, as they walk across Read full article »

Looking Forward and Living Now

Looking toward the future is something young adults encounter often, especially while in college. We question “Is this the right major?” “What career do I want to aim for?” “What should I do with my summer time off?” “How is what I’m doing now contributing to the life I hope to live after school?” These questions seem to pop up increasingly Read full article »

God is Faithful

The theme of my week has been that God is faithful and will always provide for me. Like many college graduates at CBU, I have been worrying and wondering what to do after graduation.  There are so many things to consider when you leave college. Where are you going to live? Where are you going to work? What are you going to Read full article »

Kinda Deep

The countdown has begun! Finals will begin in a couple of weeks and summer break is on the horizon! I’ve had a wonderful time this semester, meeting new friends and experiencing new things. I got the chance to play intramural basketball, which was a blast. I received much needed inspiration from the many guest speakers at chapel and even watched my Read full article »

My Survival Guide

It is that time of the semester once again. Deadlines are looming over us much too close for comfort. Scheduling for next semester’s classes has arrived, and summer approaches must faster than it seemed possible. However, I am so glad I have experienced all this before. Now I have the opportunity to prepare myself for what lies ahead. I wish I Read full article »

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