This campus is full of life. As I’m sitting in Brisco’s having lunch, conversations are bubbling and overflowing with excitement, baseball games ever-present on TVs, and skateboarders are whizzing past to get to their next destination. The itch for activities is alive.

It seems like everywhere I turn, there is something exciting going on that moment, that afternoon, that evening to quench our thirsts for fun and enjoyment. Yesterday, a Quidditch Tournament (complete with broom [handles], Quaffles, Bludgers, and an agile teammate decked out in gold to be caught as the Snitch) filled the entire front lawn with laughter and intensity as the four Houses battled for the Cup. Crazy? Absolutely. Fun? Without question. On Monday, a Colony-wide Easter Egg-hunting mob scoured the entire living area in search of heavily-laden eggs for a total of $1000+ in gift cards and even an iPad Mini. People made out like bandits. This last weekend, the Marine Science class headed to Catalina Island for a beautiful, one-time lab, resulting in kayaking with sea lions, snorkeling in swarms of fish and sealife, and impromptu whale-watching on the ship ride back.

The opportunities prove to be endless as the CAB office offers a plethora of discounted ticket options for LA stage productions, local movie theaters, lifts at ski and snowboarding facilities, and an incredible amount of equipment for nature activities like snowboarding, mountain climbing, and camping – all at extremely affordable prices. Our beloved RAs, one of whom is my roommate and best friend, devote endless hours of preparation for their monthly events and living area-wide functions to provide an oasis, usually laden with delicious food and drinks. From flower-planting, to bagel breakfasts, to acoustic worship nights, to carnival-themed parties, to late-night pizzas and pazookies, our RAs use their creativeness and gifts to make our student life brighter, full of community and fellowship.

I can’t forget about the incredible, state-of-the-art Recreation Center, basketball and volleyball courts and intramural sports that also provide a myriad of opportunities for competitive sports and exercise, as well as our athletic teams that enjoy our support as much as we enjoy their talent! Where would our school spirit be without our award-winning, nationally renowned athletic department? What a way to represent our Lancer blue and gold!

Personally, my favorite school-sponsored events are the LA-area musical productions (naturally). This next week, a group of 25 lucky students are being transported to the Pacific Symphony in Orange County to hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (dun dun dun duuuuun, dun dun dun duuuuun!) as well as a special compilation of Asian-inspired music with authentic Asian instruments. Earlier in the year, the School of Music sponsored a trip to the LA Opera to partake in the unforgettable Madame Butterfly. Today, for my Music History class, we met at Calvary Presbyterian Church on Magnolia Avenue to observe one of our own professors demonstrate the organ in the style we are studying. Just in my field alone, there are numerous opportunities to see live, professional performances, keeping my learning fresh with observations and practices of life applications.

CBU offers an overflowing number of student activities. Find one and sign up for a guaranteed time of enjoyment and refreshment!