It is amazing to see how fast and how differently people change in college.

I can see a lot of it in myself, looking back at little ol’ freshman me four years ago.  When I first showed up for orientation in September 2009, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was merely a bright-eyed face who had the whole world before her, with no expectations, only excitement! CBU quickly threw me and all the other enraptured freshman into so many events I never had time to think.

First it was Bunko with all the hundreds of new freshmen and FOCUS leaders, including lots of yelling and excited shouting.  It was like an intense game of Bingo, but with more jumping around.  Then it was Clash ‘N’ Bowl, which opened up a whole new world of learning how to NOT match clothing.  After that, off we went to the Freshman Retreat at Forest Home.  Mud football, zip lines, and awesome worship were only the beginning.  It was the perfect way to begin the journey of college education.

You would think that college would not necessarily always be fun, but it actually is at CBU.  While academia is the main reason people attend CBU, one of the other common reasons I have heard people mention is the great sense of community and fun that is present here on campus.  Every element of CBU is filled with fun and enjoyment, even eating at the cafeteria.  Sometimes at the cafeteria there are days where themed days are held.  You might experience Fiesta Day at the caf or perhaps a youthful theme of Dr. Seuss.

This element of fun on campus has caused me to incorporate more of it into my daily life.  When I first got to CBU, I was very strict about my bedtime.  Call me a grandma, but I would be in bed by 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. at the latest.  Yes, I did have a social life, but it was always greatly inhibited by the declared curfew that I made for myself.  Increasingly over the last few years, I have decided that in order to have a well-rounded life, it is important to let loose sometimes and not always be hardnosed about certain areas of your life.  Now I allow myself to stay up later for late night excursions to Huntington Beach or dinner and homework sessions at Norm’s Diner, and it made me enjoy life at CBU so much more.

Also, college has caused me to be more independent.  When I first got to college, I was nervous even to walk to class alone.  I always walked to class with friends when I could, but those times when I had to go alone I always felt so alone.  I had always gone to school with my siblings, so going to school alone was never really an option.  Now that I am a senior, I confidently strut to class with the swagger of someone who owns the campus.  I feel like a real adult, ready to take on the world.