Midterms are already upon us! That could mean a number of things: spring break is soon to follow, now’s the time to redeem yourself, or summer is that much closer.

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for midterms. The first thing is that most professors let us know ahead of time what will be on the exam. Professors tend to take pieces from every chapter or section covered so far and compile it into one test. You may have already noticed that when your professor emphasizes something in class, it probably will be on an exam.

Next, get plenty of sleep! I know that it’s customary to stay up late studying the night before an exam, but this is bad, people! It doesn’t make sense to know the information but not be able to stay awake during the exam. (Trust me, I know these things.) Also, drinking coffee to stay up studying the night before will cause you to crash like the stock market. It’s not worth it. Relax and take a load off. Don’t stress yourself out during midterms. Have you ever heard the phrase “pressure bursts pipes?” No one needs to have a nervous break down over midterms. If you go to class, take good notes, and pay attention, you should be fine. Study your notes periodically leading up to the exam so that the information will be fresh on your mind.

Last but not least, take time out to talk with God. Put your trust in the Lord, continue to study, and you’ll be fine. Don’t ask for miracles because you haven’t studied, and don’t wait until the last minute. This process is called cramming, which can lead to failing, which could lead to a string of unfortunate events.

Happy testing…