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A Few Favorite Things

 The phrase “kindness is contagious” is well worn out but definitely rings true at California Baptist University. During this time of the year when spring is emerging, little bits of lovely things can go a long way in brightening a day. There is nothing quite like those little extras to give you a breath of fresh air and add more spring Read full article »

99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration

Do you ever experience complete inspiration from someone you come into contact with? Someone who makes you want to be a better person or strive for greater things? This semester I am blessed with great inspiration.  One of the inspirations in my life right now is one of my professors at CBU.  He teaches two of the graphic design classes I Read full article »

Visits and Perks

Let’s take a moment to think back to high school. Oh, yes: the inconsistent friendships, the pretending, and the unbearably awkward social interactions. I’m immediately reminded of that one time that I was dropped by my dance partner and landed on my head in front of my entire team. Some stories like this will never be forgotten, but thank the Read full article »

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

The choices at CBU seem bottomless. What do you choose?   Brisco’s vs. ADC  Food: one of the great loves of my life. I could practically be majoring in taste tasting considering the quality of the food we have. From Fresh N Fit to home-cooked classics, I love it all. Brisco’s is probably one of my favorite places on this earth. The “grab and Read full article »

Penny For My Thought

Busy, busy, busy. The semester seems to be really flying by right about now. Midterms are quickly approaching, not to mention spring break With that being said, professors are not messing around. Many are pushing out work assignments as fast as they can think of them. It can be a challenge just to keep up with all the papers and other Read full article »

Love: A Way of Life

Love is literally in the air and on the calendar, splashes of red and pink just about everywhere you turn your eye. Stores are flooded with customers searching for a fine chocolate for their own sweet or an expressive card to give to their loved one for Valentine’s Day. Love and friendship rules hearts at this time of year, as Read full article »

Show Some Love

This week is Valentine’s Day! If you did not know that, you should climb out from under your rock. If you are aware of it, you probably are going through some thought process about the holiday.  It seems like every year all the single people are rallying with their cry of “Valentine’s Day is the stupidest holiday ever!” and “I love Read full article »

The Mid-February Blues

My friends, BEWARE. Mid-February is upon us, signifying the return of annual weeks of “give ups.” College students all know what I am referring to. After the first of January, all of us are filled with passion and determination to maintain all of our New Year’s resolutions. As active, hopeful young adults, we truly believe for one fleeting moment that we Read full article »

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

At this point in the semester, I’m literally forgetting what week I’m in. I use progress points like choir, Sunday concerts and piano lessons to gauge what time of the week it is. Recently, though, all of these things seem to be blending together. I can hardly finish eating dinner one night before I realize the sun is rising on Read full article »

Dreams, Details, and Bigfoot

Time seems to be a temperamental character in my life. It goes quickly one season, entirely too slowly the next and then it switches tempo over the course of a single weekend. God must have designed our perception of time this way to serve a certain purpose. Changes in time throughout each experience reveals much about the way we handle Read full article »

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