In my first piano lesson of the new semester (2013 already?!), my teacher said, “Over the break, I never knew which day it was – it was like six Saturdays and a Sunday for three weeks.”

I don’t know about you, but my Saturdays consist of sleep, movie marathons, food, an occasional assignment, and more sleep. On the off chance that my roommate or boyfriend wants to get out of our apartments, we will go to the cinema or Newport Beach. The 6th day of the week (or 5th depending on which came first, the chicken or the egg aka Sunday or Monday) is my day – I get to choose to spend it however I may please. So, naturally, I took advantage of my “six Saturdays and a Sunday” over my Christmas break. Since I have the pleasure of living with my best friend and her mother, it was like that slumber party that you look forward to for weeks ahead of time, with the invitation practically jumping off the fridge each time you walk by it. We read books upon books, watched our typical “Kylie and Abigail” movies (Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Batman, etc… yes, I said Batman), consumed more coffee and hot chocolate than water, and lounged around in our pajamas all day. On top of all the relaxing, our hometown (dear old Modesto) was chilly, rainy, and foggy (Winter in December?? Who would’ve thought…), meaning the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof brought the blaze of a fire, thus producing more hours snuggled under a blanket. The days lazily slipped by as easy as they came, ending the week in a refreshing morning at our home churches on Sundays. My break was as lazy as it sounds. Funny enough though, at the end of it, I didn’t feel as rested as I would’ve imagined myself to feel.

Mama always said that if I didn’t get up and do something, I would increasingly feel more and more tired. I suppose that’s because mankind was created to work – to have something to keep us accountable for our actions and energy – and to glorify God in doing it. Proverbs is saturated with verses regarding working and warnings against idleness. Solomon’s wise words repeat several times that if you take part in laziness and slack in responsibilities, the sluggard will go hungry as the diligent wants for nothing.

As Spring 2013 begins, I’m going to encourage myself daily that putting my nose to the grindstone and working my absolute hardest is not going to go to waste because I know God has blessed me with the ability to work efficiently, so I will do so to glorify Him. The majority of the time, each hour will be accounted for and hardly a minute will slip past me, but even so, our God is the Lord of the Harvest, and I will offer up my skills to Him to contribute to a plentiful crop.

King Solomon also states in Ecclesiastes 3, that there is nothing new under the sun, and I know that, if the Lord wills it, another week of “six Saturdays and a Sunday” will happen upon me again. But for these next three and a half months, let the season be exalting the Lord’s name in diligence and a steady hand at the plough!