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These past couple weeks of December, I’ve been trying to brainstorm why everyone looks forward to Christmas. The solid answer seems to be that it all boils down to traditions. Each family has their own – some obscure and unique, others loaned from culture, but every one treasured. To list each special and Pless-like tradition my family has accumulated over time Read full article »

And Have a Merry Christmas

May I describe to you what euphoria feels like? It is being cuddled up with a million fuzzy kittens next to a warm fire while eating from an unlimited supply of candy. That is almost exactly how I feel right about now. My friends, I have made it to the end of another semester. I am currently writing this after completing my Read full article »

Living Your Purpose

If you are around California Baptist University long enough, you will hear the phrase “live your purpose” quite often. CBU’s slogan inspires satisfaction and confidence. It reminds us that we have a purpose in our lives — one that God created for us. Since I am in my college phase right now, it is more difficult to look at my life holistically Read full article »

Survival 101

I didn’t find a definition for finals week in Merriam-Webster Dictionary, so I offer these two for your consideration:  Finals week (n.): the day(s) in a student’s life where each minute is accounted for, caffeinated drinks replace water, the most unhealthy foods are consumed, and after the last final, a great sense of accomplishment overwhelms the student knowing that the student completed Read full article »

The Beginning of the End!

It’s here everyone! The end of the semester is nigh, and you all know what that means… Christmas approaches! I’ll admit to being a holiday enthusiast, and Christmas is by far my favorite. I am currently sitting here on my couch listening to Christmas music as I gaze admiringly at the decorations hanging in our apartment. I love this time of Read full article »

To All the Ends of the Earth

It’s amazing how small your problems seem and how big God is when something changes your perspective. My boyfriend’s parents just returned from a vacation in South Asia, after visiting their daughter who is a missionary there.  They recounted their experiences there to me, and all that I heard inspired and encouraged me. In this particular country in South Asia, there is Read full article »

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