It’s the little things in life.

This past Friday I went Black Friday shopping like all the other Americans.  I went purely for the adventure, not because I am a fanatic bargain shopper. However, being among all the other people fighting for good prices and elbowing their way around stores caused me to realize how much importance we place on money and material things.

It makes me appreciate all the things in life that don’t cost money (or require harm to other human beings).

First of all, being a college student means I don’t have a lot of money to spend.  However, that means I get to use my creative mind and youthful energy to come up with things to do. Throughout my (almost) four years at CBU I have found many things that cost little or no money and have provided me with entertainment and fulfillment.

Here are some ways to have fun without breaking the bank:

  • Look for special deals in your area.  My boyfriend and I found a deal for free movie tickets on the back of cereal boxes.  We were able to go on a fun date for cheap!  Campus Activities at CBU also sells movie and Disneyland tickets for reduced prices. You can rent sports and recreation equipment at the campus Game Room for a low price, as well.
  • Take advantage of the events at CBU. It seems like there is always an event going on at CBU, and if you pay attention to the advertisements around campus you can hop from event to event. Sometimes you can even get a full meal and save your meal credits by going to events. Not to mention they are fun and classy.
  • Pull together some campus-wide games with friends. My freshman year some friends and I would play Sardines or Hide and Seek all over campus. Also, board games may seem a bit childish, but I always loved having crazy game nights with my friends.
  • Go for a walk around Riverside. There are some interesting things around Riverside that you can check out for free. The Christmas Lights at Mission Hall are beautiful this time of year.  There is an art museum in downtown Riverside as well. I personally like to hike Mt. Rubidoux at night to get a good view of the stars. There is a cool place to visit right here on Magnolia Avenue, too — the Heritage House, a Victorian Era house that has been preserved and restored. It is very beautiful on the inside and the tours are very educational.

I always feel more satisfied having fun when I do not have to feel guilty afterwards for spending a ton of money. Plus, you can save your money for Starbucks and 5-hour energy shots, which you most likely will need for the upcoming finals week!

Best wishes to all on their finals, and I hope you all are able to stay free from stress and find some fun in the midst of finals.  Enjoy the simple things in life.