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The Big Three

Teachers and professors throughout my education have claimed that if you understand the writer, you will understand the writing and have an actual appreciation for it. Those who really know me can verify how true the following statements are in describing me:

Harry Potter Enthusiast.

Cat Whisperer.


If I said that I watched Harry Potter every day, it could quite possibly be an understatement. It’s also possible that I can name any song from the movies and what scene it’s from. It might also be true that I’ve read the books more times than I can count on my hands (and/or toes). My friends call it an obsession, but Harry Potter’s world fascinates me. I can’t help it if I enjoy the uniforms Gryffindor wears for Quidditch matches, or analyze the inflection of Dumbledore’s words as he passes his wisdom to Harry, or laugh at Hermione’s hair as it fluffs over a boiling cauldron of Living Death (to which, by the way, I can certainly relate). JK Rowling has developed an entire story-world that captivates my imagination, and I simply enjoy her masterpiece in its entirety. Most likely, when you spot me at the gym or driving in my truck (whose name is Rosey because I love flowers), I am singing and conducting to Harry Potter soundtracks. No shame.

Okay, so calling myself a “Cat Whisperer” may be an exaggeration – but I do like to pretend that my Siamese, Frederic, and I have conversations sometimes. Over a casual lunch, my mother spoiled her birthday surprise and claimed to have found the PERFECT present for me: a kitten. I flipped. I had wanted my very own cat since I was little (I had several cats while growing up, but they all despised me – possibly because I dressed them up in doll clothes and claimed them to be my children, but who knows?). We brainstormed for a couple hours names for the precious addition to the family. Being lovers of antiques and also a musical family, we settled on Frederic, after my favorite composer, Frederic Chopin. We rushed to PetCo and ironically, the owner and breeder of Frederic-To-Be was seeing to him and his two sisters. As soon as I laid eyes on this little white furball with the big, blue eyes, I was sold. Done deal. Even though he was only six weeks old, we took him with us to settle him into his new home. Oh! did I mention my father was a hunter and not fond of cats?

As a musician, I have had years of private lessons and participated in a wide variety of ensembles and productions, but never had I been put through a program like the Collinsworth School of Music. It is, honestly, a musician’s boot camp—tough and rigorous—but once completed, you will have adequate knowledge and experience to stand toe-to-toe with any professional in the business. Thirteen of my units this semester are music classes, including two singing ensembles, one small singing group where I am the pianist, and three private lessons. Each day is a workout for my music brain, challenging my training and skills to grow to a higher, more sophisticated standard. I thrive on learning the techniques of music, the history from earlier times and cultures, and the science and theories involved. God continues to use me musically and is developing the gift of music in my life to further His kingdom and to glorify Him. The passion I have for this art has rooted deep into my heart and into the very core of who I am, and I am here at CBU to develop the talents God gave me and learn to share them to glorify Him.

Just a small snippet from my heart to share, but trust me, what BIG parts they play!

2 Weeks of CBU!

Hello Lancers! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Daniel. It’s my second year at California Baptist University. I decided to come to CBU because of the slogan “live your purpose.” Currently, I haven’t declared a major, but I’m interested in theatre tech. I also like playing Ultimate (Frisbee).

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for me. A few of my friends from high school are now attending California Baptist University, so it’s been nice having them around. I went to a relatively small high school in Taiwan, so having friends from across the world decide to come here is pretty exciting. Technically, I guess that makes me an international student, but I’m really just a kid who grew up overseas who is an American citizen. I enjoy spending time with international students—in fact two of my apartment mates are international students.

So many events have already happened this semester on CBU’s campus. I’ve been playing volleyball pretty much every night. It’s a good way to meet people and make new friends. I’ve been to the Smith Olympics, March of the Lancers, Taste the Nations, Christian Challenge, the Core, Renew, and an event for my housing area. All of them were great experiences. I lived on 3B in Smith Hall last year, so I supported them at the Smith Olympics. Congrats to 3D on winning! I’m also glad that I got to be part of a first time tradition—the March of the Lancers. (For some reason, most people stood the entire first set.) Cheering and supporting the Lancers who were on the court was fun.

I learned a lot at Taste the Nations and enjoyed all the ethnic foods and drinks. It is easy to get wrapped up in a bubble and forget about the rest of the world. Staying globally minded is important to me. I want to make sure that I am aware of different world views and belief systems and what is going on around the world. Some of that comes from living in all the places I’ve lived, but I think it’s what God wants us to do, too. He cares for all people and wants everyone to know Him.

Speaking of that—if you haven’t applied for International Service Projects or United States Service Projects, I encourage you to consider it, because ISPs and USPs can change your life. My summer started off with a USP to Minot, North Dakota, where I served with a disaster relief team doing basic construction work and working with victims of a flood. ISP and USP aren’t just trips—they are (a) an opportunity to serve, (b) learning experiences, and (c) life changing and mind-altering opportunities. If you don’t think that you can afford an ISP or USP, go to the Office of Mobilization on the second floor of Lancer Arms and talk to someone or email You might be surprised at what you can work out.

I really appreciate the opportunities to learn and grow spiritually at CBU. Christian Challenge and the Core are two weekly events that I enjoy. Christian Challenge is organized by the Office of Spiritual Life and includes hearing from new speakers each Thursday. The Core focuses on learning and practicing simple ministry strategies in making disciples and is held on Monday mornings. College is a time to start good habits, and one of my goals for the semester is to complete 30 for 30, where you read the Bible every day for 30 days. I know it’s important to spend time with God every day.

I want to end my blog posts each week with thoughts or something to pray for. This week pray for the people in the dozens of countries where anti-Western protests are going on. Pray that local believers will take advantage of the opportunities to share the Good News.

TWIRP week

It’s that time of year again.  There are chalk drawings and scavenger hunt notes all over campus, and I can’t tell you how many doors with sticky notes I have seen with the big question written on it. “TWIRP?”  Of course, I could not be left out the festivities and fun.  My boyfriend Daniel and I are pretty big Six Flags fans.  Well, fans of pretty much any rollercoaster there is.  So a-TWIRPing I did go.

I tried to be creative with the TWIRPing, but since I am already dating the TWIRPee, it doesn’t put much creative pressure on me.  Here’s how I did it: I had bought a beautiful, ornate birdcage this summer at a yard sale, and it came with a realistic-looking, stuffed bird inside.  This pigeon is really creepy looking since it looks so real, so I have been using it for a while to prank people.  I left it in my friend’s refrigerator perching on the ketchup bottle lid, and it freaked her out.  My boyfriend used it to scare his friends, too, by leaving it in random places.  So I thought, why not use it to TWIRP Daniel?  I figured out what time and where his class was, and I sneaked in and left the bird at a desk with a sign that said “TWIRP?”  When he came in, he recognized the bird right away, and he emphatically accepted my TWIRP invite after class.

So maybe I don’t win in the creativity department.  But I don’t care, I’m going to Six Flags! The last time I went to Six Flags, I was a junior in high school, and I had just barely gotten over my fear of rollercoasters, so there was not as much enjoyment then as there will be now that I love rollercoasters.  I was so afraid of the Superman ride at Six Flags, but now I think the scarier, the better!  Somehow I think that I got these silly little fears in my head, like “What if my head falls off when I go upside-down on the rollercoaster?” or “What if I slip out from under the bars on the rollercoaster and fall out?”  I guess the rate of mortality of people on rollercoasters is pretty low, but tell my brain that.

The best part about TWIRPing someone who you are already dating is that instead of paying to spend hours with a guy who you might not know very well, you get to have a fun date with the person you like for an inexpensive price!  Daniel and I are not too big on spending money or going on tons of dates, but when it comes to TWIRP I can go all out for him because it is a lot more inexpensive than it would be.  Whereas Six Flags is typically $40-60 a person, it is $15 a person for TWIRP week.  I am really looking forward to our TWIRP date at Six Flags and the Angels baseball game.  This week might go pretty slowly in anticipation!

Field Trip

Hello friends and strangers! Welcome to the first installment of a blog that follows my life as a second-year student at Cal Baptist, the second happiest place on earth.

Over the past few weeks upon my return to campus, I’ve realized exactly how much I have missed life at CBU. The beginning of the semester has already brought late night conversations with marvelous people, engaging class discussions, and delicious meals at the caf. While the season of homework and careful scheduling has begun once again, so has the season of last minute road trips and stress-burning Roommate Dance Sessions. My friends, it’s going to be a wonderful year.

With the start of the new semester, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my goals for this year in college. A lot of these goals include growing my faith in the Creator, meeting new people and doing the best I can to share love with everyone I encounter. As I have thought about these goals I have also considered what might inhibit me from achieving them. The main reason that I came up with is my tendency to get stuck in my head and miss a lot of what happens around me. Let’s be honest, it’s too easy to be selfish and spend all day thinking about what I have to finish and what I want to do in my spare time. This reminds me of one of my slightly unpleasant childhood escapades.

Gather ‘round people, it’s story time!

When I was in preschool, I was overly imaginative. By this I mean I was that creepy little kid who sat alone with a crayon and a penny and was entertained for hours on end. Everyday I looked forward to arts and crafts when I could be left alone with all kinds of fun knick-knacks to create things with. On one particular instance I became so engulfed in my project that I was driven into a brief period of solemn silence. I was so absorbed in the task at hand that I didn’t notice when the silence had fallen across the whole classroom. Eventually, I noticed this fact and looked up from the art table to discover that my entire class had disappeared. You see, it was field trip day, yet my intense artistic endeavors had caused me to miss the exodus of my class.

What happened next is actually quite epic. I had decided that the only explanation for the disappearance of my classmates was that the end of the world was at hand, and I was the last human on earth. I distinctly remember planning what I must do to get to Wal-Mart and gather up supplies for my later journey to Kansas where I could peacefully live out my days. After all, that’s what Dorothy and Toto would have done. I gathered up my gumption and approached the classroom door. Intimidating as it was, I somehow managed to open the door and wander down the hall, cautiously checking for flying monkeys all the way. I eventually made it to the Principal’s Office and discovered that I was not the last person alive in the world, and I was quickly reunited with my parents.

Although this venture unnerves me to this day and causes me to have serious misgivings about modern daycare, I find connections between the occurrence and my struggles today. I missed the field trip as a child and this is exactly what happens to many of us when we get too involved in our own lives to notice the changes around us. Although it’s easy to only focus on one’s own priorities, it becomes all too possible to miss out on the action that God sends our way. When I actually open my eyes to the world around me and focus on the things that happen in the lives of other people, I experience life so much more fully. I discover more about the nature of my God and become more deeply aware of the work He’s doing in my life to shape me into a reflection of Him. This is far more gorgeous than placing my full focus on homework assignments, personal complaints, or the things I would rather do than take the time to serve another person.

As this semester continues, I think it is relevant to search for ways to become actively involved in something that benefits others, and not just ourselves. In everything we do, from attending a new church to cheering along with the Crazies, we should remember our identity in Christ first. So go ahead; talk to people in your 8 a.m. class. Say hello to that person you pass multiple times but have never actually met. Look for ways to serve your school and your community. I’m convinced that God has amazing plans for this university and its students, and I don’t want anyone to miss the field trip.

Welcome to Lancer Diaries

Welcome to Lancer Diaries! Follow four CBU students through their journey as they share their daily experiences. This is your opportunity to see what life is like on a real college campus and to get a personal glimpse of what a to expect at CBU. Thanks so much for stopping by. We hope you can walk away with a better understanding of life at CBU!

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