Partnership with Bloomberg Businessweek
The Robert K. Jabs School of Business is excited to announce a new venture with Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. This new partnership will be a great opportunity for students to stay up-to-date on global current events and apply the knowledge and skills that they are receiving in the classroom. It will also encourage students to engage and explore ideas where they can think critically on both the positive and negative impacts that are occurring in the global business marketplace.

Who is Bloomberg?
Bloomberg was founded in 1982 by Michael Bloomberg with the aid of Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Charles Zegar. The company quickly became the leader in delivering a network of information including financial information, news, and analytics to industry leaders on a global scale. Bloomberg offers decision makers the tools needed to make quick judgments by offering up-to-date information with highly innovative technology. In 2009, Bloomberg acquired Businessweek magazine and redesigned it from being U.S. – centric to a leading source in global events.

Bloomberg Businessweek has the slogan “Bringing the Boardroom to the Classroom”; this is displayed in their B-School Connection Program. The goal is to work with business schools to promote professional business thinking and behavior culture in their academic environment. Students will have the opportunity to read what the industry professionals are reading giving them a competitive advantage when they graduate and enter the marketplace.

CBU’s School of Business Commitment to Students
The School of Business is deeply committed to creating a learning environment that is both academically challenging and professionally rewarding. Our mission is to prepare a new generation of business leaders with the knowledge, real-world skills, and nurtured talents to successfully live out their purpose in the modern marketplace. Dr. Franco Gandolfi, Dean of the School of Business, stated that this new opportunity to partner with Bloomberg will underscore the importance of offering a truly globally-centric education.

Benefits to Students
The partnership between the School of Business and Bloomberg Businessweek magazine offers students in the business program a new resource tool that can be used for their academic development. Students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program will enjoy a subscription package that will include a weekly printed issue and access to the magazine’s digital resources.

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